Different applications require different solutions. The HORSCH Leeb LT combines a lot of solutions with maximum ease of use and still ensures soil protection and application accuracy.

Engineering for professionals with perfect application accuracy and high ease of use

  • Less drift and high operational speeds due to active boom control system and low target area spacing
  • High operational speeds due to hydropneumatic boom damping and reduction of the target height down to 30 cm.
  • Complete circulation in stainless steel circulation tubes to the nozzle
  • High continuous clearance of up to 85 cm and a maximum steering angle of 28°
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  • The steering angle of up to 28° ensures a small turning radius and optimum manoeuvrability. The automatic locking and centring of the steering axle as of 16 km/h guarantees a safe and comfortable road transport - not least due to the spring-loaded axle arm with level compensation.
  • The continuous inside cleaning system guarantees a reliable cleaning when changing chemicals.
  • Due to the nozzle layout of 25 cm combined with the active boom control system BoomControl, drift can be prevented and the application quality is increased.
  • High filling rates due to a low-wear 600 l/min rotary pump with variable drive for an optimum control of the application rate.
  • Due to numerous equipment options like Adapted Tyre Pressure Control, booms up to a working width of 45 m and tank capacities of up to 6 000 l, the Leeb LT can be adapted to almost all customer requirements.

With regard to the development of our Leeb LT, the focus is on utmost precision combined with optimum efficiency.

Theodor Leeb

Technical specifications