Fast, sturdy, efficient

Cultro TC

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Cultro TC

Ultimate efficiency

  • Minimum effort for maximum acreage performance
  • Operational speed up to 20 km/h
  • When used in the field, the weight of the machine is completely on the knife roller
  • The Cultro is ideal for crushing catch crop populations in spring or autumn as well as for ultra-shallow stubble cultivation in rape and in sunflowers.
  • Extended range of use in silage maize stubble to fight the corn borer
  • Counter-rotating arrangement of the rollers creates a cross-shaped working pattern
  • The rollers are arranged over the whole working width. The diameter is 300 mm with 6 knives per roller for a very high rotational speed. This additionally increases the crushing effect.
  • The knives are arranged diagonally on the roller to guarantee a constant distribution of the force.
  • The knives rest against the rotor to guarantee highest stability.
  • The whole system of the Cultro 12 TC is pretensioned hydraulically with up to 100 bar and hydraulically protected against overload
  • As an overload protection the knife rollers of the Cultro 3 TC are cushioned with rubber buffers.
  • The double knife roller elements are oscillatingly suspended via a wide rubber bearing for an optimum adaption to the soil.
  • Different configuration possibilities for the Cultro 12 TC like RingFlex packer or heavy harrow
  • Different packer options for rear attachment for the Cultro 3 TC like RollFlex packer and RollPack packer
  • Options for front and rear attachment of the Cultro 3 TC



Horsch Cultro TC 3 TC 12 TC
Working width (m) 2.90 12.20
Transport width (m) 2.99 2.99
Transport height (m)* 1.21 3.35
Length rear attachment (m) 2.10 (with packer) 7.90
Length front attachment (m) 1.09 ---
Weight front attachment (kg)** 900 ---
Weight rear attachment (kg)* 1 250 7 900
Tyre size support wheels --- 10.0 / 75 – 15.3
Tyre size chassis --- 550 / 45 – 22.5
Diameter rotor (cm) 30 30
Number of knives / rotor 6 6
DA control devices --- 4
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp) from 60 / 80 from 200 / 270
3-point (linkage) 3-point Cat. ll / lll ---
Adj. drawbar linkage --- Hitch Ø 42 – 51 – 71 mm

* Weight and height with RollFlex packer without additional weights for Cultro 3 TC, for Cultro 12 TC with double RingFlex packer** Weight of the machine (front attachment) without additional weight