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All over the world, our single grain seed drills are used for sowing different crops (maize, rape, beet, soybean, sunflower, ...).


We visited various customers, accompanied their seed drill in the field, asked practical experts for their opinion and captured their testimonials in these videos.

Florian Uherek, Germany

  • Farmer & contractor 
  • Cultivates 400 hectares
  • Specialised on growing row crops: sunflower, maize, soybean and rape
  • Maestro SV with central seed hopper

Florian about his Maestro SV

Klaus Pentzlin, Germany

  • Agricultural contractor
  • Specialised in maize, green forage and grain harvesting
  • Sows about 650 hectares per year with the Maestro
  • Maestro CX with central seed hopper and small row hoppers

This is what Klaus says about his Maestro CX

Arkadiusz Grzech, Poland

  • Tenant of the farm Agro-War Warszyn (1,700 ha)
  • Maestro 12 RV for sowing maize and sugar beet
  • Maestro in the 3-point of the Focus TD

Arkadiusz about his Maestro RV

Ovidiu Bucătaru, Romania

  • Financial manager of the Serban Holding Group
  • The farm cultivates 12,000 ha
  • Two Maestro 18 SV

Ovidiu about the Maestro SV

Alexandre Di Domenico, Brazil

  • Farm manager at Fazenda Floresta
  • 7200 hectares arable farm
  • Four Maestro Duo

Alexandre about the Maestro Duo

More exciting videos of different machines in different operational conditions in Germany and abroad will follow in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned!