The HORSCH Leeb FT completes the capacity of the mounted and trailed crop care sprayers, for example in combination with a Leeb CS to take an additonal capacity of 4 000 l along .

Compact and agile

  • Intelligent spraying technology with 3-point linkage
    FT Basic: to be used as an additional water tank with 2" suction line towards the rear, without agitator and cleaning
    The FT Basic can also be combined with all trailed Leeb models.
    FT Pro: fully integrated in the software and the water circuit of the Leeb CS, with own agitator and cleaning
  • Compact dimensions and optimised centre of gravity
  • Integrated coupling triangle for comfortable mounting and dismantling
  • Completely hydraulic drive and ISOBUS control with well-known user interface
  • Optional with camera system for a better overview of the traffic area in front of the machine, with separate screen and 2 cameras
  • Precise and efficient technology without further axle
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  • In combination with the HORSCH Leeb CS, the range is almost doubled, filling and travel times are reduced.
  • Better balance: the front tank compensates the weight of the sprayer that is mounted in the rear and ensures improved driving characteristics of the combination.
  • Short set-up times and comfortable handling due to standard coupling triangle – no further steps required, like for example the coupling of hydraulic lines.

Technical specifications