Versatile, robust, precise – the HORSCH Avatar line combines all these characteristics. Maximum precision is achieved due to the SingleDisc single disc coulter and one depth control wheel per seed coulter.

Compact, efficient and versatile

  • Wide range of applications
  • SingleDisc single disc coulter, perfect seed placement due to depth control wheel
  • 25 cm or 30 cm row spacing perfect for mechanical inter row weeding management
  • Compact and manoeuvrable combination with the Partner FT front hopper
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  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage
  • In stony and very heavy, clayey soils
  • 25 cm, 30 cm row spacing for mechanical population management

The Avatar SL is ideal for combination with our Partner FT front hopper. Due to the depth control wheel on each SingleDisc seed coulter, each grain is placed at the exact depth. This lays the basis for an even germination.

Sebastian Mais

Technical specifications