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Versa 3 KR

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Versa 3 KR

The first mechanical drill made by HORSCH excels due to the technical innovations in the metering and tramline control sector.
Versa is Latin and means “converse”. Since its foundation in 1984 HORSCH always relied on the advantages of pneumatic metering systems. But our customers in the 3 m segment also use merely mechanical metering systems and appreciate the advantages. This is why HORSCH started to deal with this topic. Ingenious concepts and ideas allowed for further developing the technology that already exists in the market for several years so that we are now able to offer our customers more variety and more benefits.
The main focus of the electrically driven metering system is on the countershaft. The individual connection of the metering units allows for changing the tramlines individually and without tools. In addition, it is possible to generate different row spacings like 15 cm to 30 cm or 45 cm. Depending on the seed the metering system itself can be adjusted with a stop valve from spacing wheel to cam wheel. The metering wheels, too, can be removed individually and without tools for control purposes.
The electronic system communicates completely in ISOBUS standard. The new operational conecpt has been optimised for Touch Terminals and allows for an individual setting of the display options. The display in the terminal for example can be personalised.
The complete operation and adjustment of the machine can be carried out from the left side of the machine. A universal wrench is fixed easily accessibly at the steps and allows for a simple and quick adjustment of the seed depth and the coulter pressure. Beside the opening of the hopper grid another function of the universal tool is the adjustment of the side plates of the rotary harrow.
The scales for seed depth and coulter pressure lasered from stainless steel are clearly visible for adjustment and inspection and thus guarantee a safe adjustment of the DuoDisc seed coulters. The double disc coulter that has specifically been developed for the Versa line is equipped with the well-proven components of the TurboDisc seed coulters and guarantees an exact and even seed placement.
The steel hopper with a capacity of 900 litres can be extended to 1 200 litres or 1 500 litres with optional plug-in frame parts. To avoid sowing errors, the machine can be equipped with adjustable level indicators. The customer can choose between a one-side or a two-side control of the filling level.
The optional WorkLight Pro allows for an optimum illumination of the metering system and the machine when sowing late at night. For maximum comfort, the lighting system can be operated at the standard terminal.

Packer versions

The Versa 3 KR rests on the well-known rotary harrow Kredo. The latter has been designed for utmost stability in most difficult conditions. 10 rotors for 3 m working width guarantee an optimum passing even in heavy and stony conditions. The quick-change tines can be equipped for dragging or grip. The carbide protected HM+ rotary harrow tines guarantee a long service life and a constant working depth. The fine adjustment of the working depth of the rotary harrow is easily accessible from the outside and due to a lasered hole and position pattern is clearly and permanently visible.
Three different packer versions are available for the Versa KR. The tooth packer roller with a large diameter of 64 cm is ideal for all conditions. The load-bearing capacity even on light soils is high which has a positive effect on the horsepower requirement and the diesel consumption. The trapeze ring packer has a diameter of 50 cm for heavy soils with a high punctual consolidation or of 60 cm for changing soils (from light to heavy) with high requirements on the load-bearing capacity. It forms a perfect seed furrow even in heavy and cohesive conditions. The FarmFlex packer is ideal for medium soils with low cohesion. The solid rubber roller with a diameter of 54 cm guarantees a strip consolidation in the furrow and reduces the encrustation effect of the soil.
If the rotary harrow is to be used solo, the seed unit can easily be decoupled via four fixing point. Parking supports for the Versa seed drill are part of the standard delivery.



Horsch Versa KR 3 KR
Working width (m) 3.00
Transport width (m) 3.00
Filling height (m) 1.86
Length without / Length with PE marker (m) 2.85 / 3.25
Weight approx. (kg)* 2 700 – 3 500
Seed hopper capacity single hopper (l) 900
Dimension of feed opening (m) 2.90 x 1.04
Number of seed coulters 20 / 24
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg) 5 – 50
Row spacing (cm) 15.0 / 12.5
Packer Ø (cm) trapeze ring roller 50 / 60
Packer Ø (cm) tooth packer 64
Number of rotating tools 10
Working speed (km/h) 5 – 12
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp) 110 – 185 / 150 – 250
DA control devices 0 (+1 bout marker / +1 pre-emergence marker)
3-point linkage 3-point Cat. III

* Weight of the unladen machine with minimum / maximum equipment


Minimum and maximum sowing density Versa 3 KR
Minimum sowing density for fine seeds (kg/ha) 1.5
Maximum sowing density for crops (kg/ha) 250.0


PackerDiameter in mmCoulter spacing in cmkg/3 mkg/m
Trapeze ring packer60012.5
Trapeze ring packer50012.5
Tooth packer64012.5
FarmFlex packer54015.0585.0195.0



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