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Leeb AX

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The Leeb AX:


The basis

  • Solidly designed frame made of fine-grained steel
  • Solid drawbar linkage
  • Upper or lower linkage can be selected freely by turning the drawbar

Drawbar steering – less track damages (optional)

  • Drawbar steering with exact following in the tracks due to proportionate-hydraulic control and thus smooth boom position.
  • High manoeuvrability and large steering angle

Large tyres – less ground pressure

  • Wheels with diameter of up to 1.85 m
  • Maximum contact area with perfectly adapted air pressure

Unparalleled BoomControl system

  • Hydraulically spring-loaded and damped parallelogram suspension
  • Soft and smooth boom position even in hilly terrain and at high speeds.

Modern plastic tank

  • Compact tank design with extremely low centre of gravity
  • Conical geometries for low surge forces
  • 400 litre fresh water tank: enough water for a complete inside cleaning
  • Large radii, absolutely smooth surfaces and no back tapers for easy cleaning.
  • Deep sump area for complete discharge and minimum residual quantities even on slopes.


Two equipment versions


  • Manual operation for the suction and pressure side
  • Piston diaphram pump with 270 or 400 l/min, driven by a drive shaft
  • Hydraulic agitator

Basic with ProfiClean system

  • Manual operation for the suction and pressure side
  • Controlled from the cabin for a continuous inside cleaning
  • Piston diaphragm pump (270 l/min) driven by pto-shaft
  • Additional hydraulic rotary pump
  • Hydraulic agitator

Theodor Leeb

“User-friendly, reliable technology with the essential functions that a HORSCH sprayer is known for: that means no compromise with regard to the BoomControl.“

Leeb AX details

  • Tank capacity: 3 800 litre
  • Tank made of polyethylene (PE)
  • Low gravity centre of the spraying barrel
  • Optimised tank shape for transport and cleaning
  • Optimised hose laying reduces hose lengths to a minimum
  • Upper or lower linkage can be selected freely as it can changed by turning the drawbar
  • Boom suspension in a parallelogram – hydraulically spring-loaded and damped
  • Soft and smooth boom position even in hilly terrain and at high speeds
  • The geometry of the parallelogram has been designed in such a way that the boom is kept close to the axle. Despite its light design, the suspension is extremely torsion-resistant and thus perfectly suitable for the automatic boom controlsystem Leeb BoomControl.
  • Nozzles are protected against wind and mechanical damages


  • User-friendly concept that is focused on the essential basics
  • Central and clearly arranged layout of the control units
  • Low drift due to automatic BoomControl and constant target area spacing even at high operational speeds
  • Smooth boom position even in hilly terrain due to hydropneumatic boom damping
  • Autarkic oil supply for high performance independant of the tractor
  • Weight-reduced design for low horsepower requirement and low ground pressure
  • Large tyres up to ø 1.85 m possible
  • Low centre of gravity due to optimised frame design
  • Compact external dimensions in transport position
  • Pump capacity 270 l/min or 400 l/min
  • Efficient induction hopper made of PE
  • Basic with ProfiClean system for continuous inside cleaning


  • Proportionate-hydraulically controlled drawbar steering
  • Pneumatic nozzle control
  • Individual section layout
  • Boundary nozzle control
  • SectionControl (automatic section control)
  • NightLight: powerful LED spraying cone lighting
  • Horizontal damping MotionControl
  • Hose drum for outside cleaning
  • Extension of BoomControl by 2 sensors
  • Additional storage box
  • Digital level indicator and automatic filling stop
  • Autarkic hydraulic system
  • Reduced spraying due to separate folding of the outside wings
  • Hydraulically driven piston diagphram pump



Measures and weights
Unladen weight (kg) 3 150 – 3 900
Tongue load empty (kg) 250 – 600
Max. permissible vertical load (kg) 2 000
Axle load empty (kg) 2 900 – 3 300
Max. permissible axle load (kg) 8 000
Overall length max. (transport position) (m) 7.60
Transport width (transport position) (m) 2.55
Transport height (m) 3.80 – 4.00
Track widths mechanically adjustable (m) 1.50 – 2.25
Ground clearance axle (m) 0.70
Mixture tank nominal capacity (l) 3 800
Mixture tank actual capacity (l) 4 000
Fresh water tank (l) 400
Hand wash tank (l) 15
Spraying boom
Working widths (m) 18 – 30
Sections (depending on the boom) 5 – 18
Working height (m) 0.50 – 2.05*
Pump capacity Basic (l/min) 270
Max. discharge at the boom for Basic (l/min) 200**
Working pressure, max. (bar) 8
Working speed (km/h) 4 – 16

* Working height depends on the height of the coupling points at the tractor and the tyres
** The indicated application rates apply to water with a spraying pressure of approx. 5 bar. With other pressures the application rates may differ upward and downward.