Perfect seed placement and wide range of applications due to SingleDisc single disc seed coulter

Avatar 8 - 12 SD

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Products Seeding Disc seed drills | Avatar 8 - 12 SD

Versatile, robust, precise – the HORSCH Avatar line combines all these characteristics. Maximum precision is achieved due to the SingleDisc single disc coulter and one depth control wheel per seed coulter.

Compact, efficient and versatile

  • Wide range of applications from direct seeding to mulch seeding and to the offset method
  • High operational speed up to 15 km/h
  • Coulter pressure up to 350 kg per coulter
  • 25 cm row spacing perfect for mechanical weeding management

The HORSCH Avatar 8 – 12 SD is a compact, low horsepower requirement and efficient seed drill that can be used for no-till farming, but also for mulch sowing and in the offset method. Due to the low weight and the SingleDisc single disc coulter, very little soil is moved. Thus, the horsepower requirement of the Avatar is very low. Due to the integrated weight transfer and distribution system, the weight is transferred evenly to both coulter wings and thus to all coulters.

  • Direct seed
  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage
  • Sowing into standing catch crop is possible
  • In stony and very heavy, clayey soils


HORSCH Avatar SD8 SD9 SD 10 SD 12 SD
Working width (m) 8,00 9,00 10,00 12,00
Transport width (m) 2,98 2,98 2,98 2,98
Transport height (m) 3,98 3,98 3,98 3,98
Length (m) 8,72 8,72 8,72 8,72
Axle load (kg) 7000 - 8700 7300 - 9200 7800 - 10000 8400 - 10500
Vertical load (kg) 800 - 1500 1000 - 1600 1200 - 2000 1600 - 2500
Seed hopper capacity double hopper (l) 6300 (40 : 60 / 2500 : 3800) 6300 (60 : 40 / 2500 : 3800) 6300 (40 : 60 / 2500 : 3800) 6300 (40 : 60 / 2500 : 3800)
Seed hopper capacity triple hopper (l) 6400 (30 : 10 : 60 / 1920 : 640 : 3840) 6400 (30 : 10 : 60 / 1920 : 640 : 3840) 6400 (30 : 10 : 60 / 1920 : 640 : 3840) 6400 (30 : 10 : 60 / 1920 : 640 : 3840)
Hopper capacity MiniDrill (l) 400 400 400 400
Feed opening double hopper (m) per 1,36 x 0,72 per 1,36 x 0,72 per 1,36 x 0,72 per 0.66x0.94
Feed opening triple hopper (m) 1,06 / 0,3 / 1,36 x 0,72 1,06 / 0,3 / 1,36 x 0,72 1,06 / 0,3 / 1,36 x 0,72 1,06 / 0,3 / 1,36 x 0,72
Number of seed coulters (Piece) 32 36 40 48 / 24
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg) 350 350 350 350
Seed coulter Ø (cm) 48 48 48 48
Closing wheels Ø (cm) 33 33 33 33
Depth control wheels Ø (cm) 40 40 40 40
Row spacing (cm) 25 25 25 25 / 50
Tyre size seed unit/ waggon 520/85 R 38, 580/70 R 38, 710/70 R 38, 900/60 R 32, Twin tyres 520/85 R 42 520/85 R 38, 580/70 R 38, 710/70 R 38, 900/60 R 32, Twin tyres 520/85 R 42 520/85 R 38, 580/70 R 38, 710/70 R 38, 900/60 R 32, Twin tyres 520/85 R 42 520/85 R 38, 580/70 R 38, 710/70 R 38, 900/60 R 32, Twin tyres 520/85 R 42
Tyre size support wheels Single support wheels 10.8/75-15,3 Single support wheels 10.8/75-15,3 Single support wheels 10.8/75-15,3 Double support wheels 10.8/75–15.3
Operational speed (km/h) 6 - 15 6 - 15 6 - 15 6 - 15
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp) 160 / 220 180 / 250 205 / 280 220 / 300
DA control devices 2 2 2 2
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) 1 1 1 1
Oil quantity hydraulic fan (l/min) 35 - 45 35 - 40 35 - 45 35 - 45
Implement attachment adjustable drawbar (mm) Ring hitch Ø 58 - 79 mm Ring hitch Ø 58 - 79 mm Ring hitch Ø 58 - 79 mm Ring hitch Ø 58–79 mm
Implement attachment ball head K 80 K 80 K 80 K 80



Precise seed placement due to individual depth control

  • Individual depth control by means of depth control wheel
  • Single disc coulter with seed skid
  • Ideal for direct seed, mulch seed and after conventional tillage
  • Outstanding for stony, very heavy and clayey soils
  • Coulter pressure up to 350 kg
  • Maintenance free

The individually depth controlled SingleDisc coulter has specially been designed for the Avatar line. Due to its individuality and flexibility, it can be adapted to the most different sowing conditions:

  • Direct seed
  • Mulch seed
  • Conventional tillage
  • In standing catch crops
  • On stony and very heavy clayey soils

The interaction of single disc coulter and seed skid ensures a safe opening of the furrow. At the same time, harvest residues are removed from the furrow. The result is an optimum contact of seed and soil for quick and safe emergence.
Via the rubber torsion suspension a coulter pressure of up to 350 kg per coulter can be transferred. The coulter pressure can be adjusted mechanically or electrically via the terminal. All pivot points and connections at the coulter are maintenance-free.
The durable, maintenance-free bearings on all rotating parts guarantee a long service life and operational reliability. The seed skid is equipped with a carbide wear edge for a long service life. It can even be further protected with the HM+ version. The stable depth control wheels guarantee a precise depth control of the coulter in changing or difficult soils. This is due to different, co-ordinated adjustments of the seed coulter and optional equipments. Due to the lateral angel of 6° and a vertical angle of 3°of the single disc coulter, the seed is placed diagonally below the surface. Depending on the conditions, you can choose between a Uniformer and a catching roller.

Hopper options

Versatile hopper system – up to four components ensure maximum flexibility

  • Double hopper with 6 300 l capacity and 60:40 partition
  • Triple tank with 6 400 l capacity and 30:10:60 partition
  • Optional: MiniDrill with 400 l capacity

With the Avatar 8 to 12 SD you can choose between a double hopper (60:40) with a capacity of 6 300 l and the triple tank with a partition of 30:10:60 with a capacity of 6 400 l. As an option, a MiniDrill with a capacity of 400 l can be mounted, thus allowing for applying up to four components. Thus, everyone can choose the perfect hopper combination for their requirements. The advantage of the multi- hopper system is that fine seeds and coarse seeds can be transported separately and no separation takes place.

Application example for a triple tank: If two different fertiliser components are to be applied to the seed, no mixed fertiliser is required and the desired quantity of the components can be selected freely. There is also the option to transport two seeds separately. The mixing ratio can be adjusted more easily than in pre-mixed seed. Up to four hoppers ensure maximum flexibility: Various fertilisers, several seeds and micro-granular compounds can be applied simultaneously.

Support wheels

Support wheels for smooth running

  • Optimum control of the wing
  • Stabilises the respective half-width
  • As an option the 8-10 SD can be equipped with a double support wheels
  • Double support wheels for very light soils

Support wheels guide the wings of the drill at the set depth. Depending on the soil, it might make sense to use a double support wheel. The individual support wheels of the models 8 - 10 SD are standard equipment. As an option, two support wheels per wing can be configured. The 12 SD is equipped with double support wheels as standard.

HORSCH metering system / HORSCH rotors

Exact application with optimum seed distribution

  • Exact application
  • Optimum seed distribution
  • HORSCH rotor selection – find the optimum rotor for your machine quickly and easily
  • Depending on the components, seed rate and operational speed, various options can be selected
  • Easily accessible
  • Rotor shafts can be replaced without any tools

HORSCH rotors stand for utmost flexibility with regard to the application of different components. Depending on seed rate and operational speed when sowing, there are different rotors to choose from. For machines with double drop tube and two seed towers, only rotors with two spacing discs or, depending on the metering system, double rotors may be used to guarantee the half-width shut-off as well as a precise seed distribution.

The HORSCH metering system ensures a precise maintenance of the adjusted seed rate and an optimum seed distribution across the whole working width of the pneumatic seed drill.

The rotor selection programe allows for finding the appropriate rotor quickly and easily. All specifications are reference values that depend on the adjustment and the machine. We always recommend a calibration test before sowing.

If a non-optimal rotor has been installed, the valves above the metering devices will help. A valve above the metering device is installed as standard in the single hopper injector machines. The valves for machines with a pressurised hopper are inside the integrated toolbox and can be inserted without any tools if required. This allows for a fast replacement of the rotor even if the hopper is full without losing any seed.

Additional Features

Three to four components with a capacity of 400 l

  • MiniDrill G&F capacity: 400 l
  • Increases the efficiency of the machine and, depending on the hopper, acts a third or fourth component

The capacity of the MiniDrill G&F capacity amounts to 400 l. It increases the efficiency of the machine and acts as a third or fourth component.

Catching roller

  • Safe placement of the seed
  • Ideal in dry soils
  • Remove the catching roller in wet conditions
  • Due to the parking position, the catching roller can be lifted

Due to the catching roller, the seed is placed perfectly in the seed furrow to create a connection to capillarity. When sowing in very wet conditions, the catching roller can be set to the parking position with one simple step. Thus, it is possible to continue sowing in wet conditions. If working in wet conditions for a longer time, it makes sense to replace the catching roller with the uniformer.

Fine metering insert kits

The solution for microgranular compounds and fine seeds

  • Perfect for microgranular compounds and fine seeds
  • Seed rates of 1.5 kg/ha to 60 kg/ha
  • Can be used in every machine with a pressurised hopper
  • Fine metering insert kit includes:
    • A drive shaft with four possible drive pinions
    • Three rotors with different sizes
    • Individual spacers depending on the drive shaft

The HORSCH fine metering insert kit for standard metering devices for a precise application of microgranular compounds and fine seeds. The fine seed kits consists of the following components:

  • A drive shaft with four possible drive pinions
  • Three rotors with different sizes
  • Individual spacers depending on the drive shaft

Due to the possibility to replace the drive rotors of the drive shaft by spacers and to select rotors of different sizes, you can meter between 1.5 kg/ha and 60 kg/ha (depending on the operational speed, working width and half-width options). The simplicity and flexibility of the components open up new possibilities for every HORSCH machine with a pressurised hopper. Whether Partner, MiniDrill, Pronto, Focus – the kits are compatible with all machines.

Half-width shut-off

  • Standard with mechanical half-width shut-off
  • Optional: electric half-width shut-off via ISOBUS Terminal

The mechanical half-width shut-off is standard equipment for all machines. As an option you can choose an electrical half-width shut-off via the ISOBUS Terminal.