The Express KR combines the well-proven HORSCH seeding technology with pto-shaft driven tillage with the power harrow Kredo. It allows for an intensive seedbed preparation even in difficult conditions.

3-point seed drill with power harrow Kredo

  • 3-point seed drill for an intensive seedbed preparation even in difficult conditions
  • Three packer versions are available that can be used in different soils
  • TurboDisc seed coulters ensure a perfect seed placement
  • Seed coulters can be lifted completely hydraulically to work solo with the power harrow
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  • Universal range of applications after plough
  • For mulch seeding even on extremely heavy soils
  • After conventional tillage
  • On stony and very heavy clayey soils

Power harrows and HORSCH seeding technology – this combination is not the first thing that comes to the farmers' mind. However since the Express 3 KR, more and more farms have been appreciating the advantages!
The Express 3 KR easily copes with late crops and unfavourable seeding conditions due to large diameter packers, the well-proven pneumatic metering technology of the Pronto, a perfect seed placement via the TurboDisc coulters and a RowControl distributor tower with the freely selectable tramlines. Different row spacings as well as an individual row switch-off via SectionControl are possible.
Even more efficiency is available with the Express 4 KR/Express 6 KR foldable with 3-point linkage in combination with the front tank Partner FT for an optimum weight distribution.

Michael Meier – Sales

Technical specifications