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HORSCH Pronto 6 DC mit Frontpacker und RowControl Verteilerturm

Average reading time: 4 min

With the product launch HORSCH set new standards in the sector of universal seed drills. The precise sowing quality combined with high operational speeds was convincing…

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Average reading time: approx. 6 min

Due to autonomous technologies machines can move and operate freely also in the agricultural sector. Complete automation still is in the development stage, but we…

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You have perhaps already wondered what hides in the grey box you can see on more and more HORSCH machines or what is behind the term HorschConnect?


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Today a state-of-the-art single grain seed drill is often considered to be a universal seed drill. Thus, with our Maestro line it is possible to sow a wide range of other crops in addition to the most…

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Maestro SX with AirSpeed metering system

The grain feed slide controls how many grains get into the metering unit und thus, the supply of grains at the metering disc. The slide can also be used to separate the metering unit completely from…

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3-point seeding technology Taro 6 HD

HORSCH Taro 6 HD (Heavy Duty) 

The offset sowing system, tillage and seeding are separated, allows for new seed windows, especially in years with a lot of rain.

More information about the Taro HD