The HORSCH Joker CT is a compact disc harrow that is ideal for stubble cultivation, the incorporation of catch crops, seedbed preparation or the incorporation of organic fertiliser.

Compact disc harrow with high clearance due to the arrangement of two discs at one arm with rubber bearing

  • Produces a high amount of fine soil in the germination horizon        
  • Efficient consolidation in the germination horizon  
  • Reduced problems in case of long harvest residues and shallow cultivation
  • High clearance as the disc elements are arranged in pairs
  • Optimum penetration due to aggressively serrated annular plates and high machine weight        
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  • Shallow and fast stubble cultivation to stimulate the germination of volunteer crops, to interrupt capillarity action and to mix in harvest residues          
  • Efficient seedbed preparation after the plough or cultivator            
  • Incorporation of difficult harvest residues without clogging (catch crops, after lodged grain, maize)    
  • Smooth incorporation of organic fertiliser (manure, liquid manure, green manure)
  • Combination with the MiniDrill to sow catch crops 

Technical specifications