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Titan UW

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Titan UW

The new HORSCH auger waggon Titan 34 UW stands for harvest efficiency in a new dimension. It has inherited the genes of the first HORSCH auger waggons and raises them to a completely new technical level.
Due to the large hopper capacity of 34 m³ idle times on the field boundaries and awkward manoeuvring are part of the past. The hopper capacity of the UW corresponds to one truckload. A truck is thus filled at one go.
The output of the newly designed hydraulically foldable auger conveyor ( ø 600 mm) is 18 tons per minute – corresponding to gigantic 1 000 tons per hour. Thus, 34 m³ are reloaded in only 90 seconds. When driving on the field, the auger can be folded in and rests safely in a support. In driving position, the folded auger does not overlap at any side. The width when driving on the road, then, is below 3 m.
The Titan 34 UW has a telescopic axle as standard equipment. It moves every tyre to the outside by 30 cm. This increases the width of the machine from 3 m to 3.56 m. Thus, stability is increased and soil pressure reduced as the tyres of the auger waggon do not run in the tractor tracks. Another soilsaving means are the large-dimensioned tyres (900 / 60 R 32). To guarantee a maximum contact area, power tracks are available as an option.
Moreover, there are an integrated weighing system, a pneumatic (and hydraulic) brake system and a clearly visible display of the opening situation of the auger conveyor slider. From the drawbar platform a ladder leads onto resp. into the waggon. Inside the waggon there are steps on the auger to climb inside for cleaning or maintenance works.

Michael Horsch

“Unlike 10 years ago, the Titan 34 UW is not imported from the USA, but is an outright in-house-production. This is due to our enlarged production capacities. With the Titan UW we were, thus, able to realize customer requirements like hopper capacity, fast reloading and simple handling.”



Length (m) 8.26
Chassis options tyres 900 / 60 R 32 / Power tracks 2.56 m x 0.91 m
Telescopic axle Only with tyres / No power tracks possible
Transport width tyres 900 / 60 R 32 (m) 3.00
Transport width power tracks 3.50
Machine width telescopic axle extended (m) 3.56 (Only with tyres 900 / 60 R 32)
Transport height (m) 4.00
Filling height of hopper side / centre (m) 3.48 without tarpaulin / 3.60 with tarpaulin
Transfer height (m) 4.60
Total weight empty starting from (kg)* 7 440
Rear axle load (kg) 5 820
Front towbar load (kg) 1 620
Tank capacity (m³) 34
Hydr. foldable auger Ø (mm) 600
Transfer output tons / min 18
Universal joint shaft tractor 1 3 / 8” – Z 6, 1 3 / 8 – Z 21, 1 3 / 4 – Z 6, 1 3 / 4 – Z 20
Double acting valves 4
Adj. drawbar linkage Ring hitch Ø 50 – 55 mm
Ball-type linkage K 80

* Weight of the machines with movable telescopic axle