The performance potential of efficient combines is frequently not utilised fully by large farms. Due to logistic improvements, the combining performance can be increased by up to 40 % on some large farms. For a farm that has used five combines in the past, this means that two machines can be saved.

A combination of soil protection and high capacity

  • Reduce the idle times of the combine
  • Soil protection, flexible choice between tyres or power tracks, telescopic axle
  • Flexible organisation of the harvesting chain
  • Simple design, high capacity
  • Tarpaulin mounting and weighing equipment are possible
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  • Crop logistics in the field – from the combine to the road transport vehicle
  • Transport of wet maize from the combine to the drying facility or to the mill
  • Can be used with one or more combines
  • Can be used on several smaller fields at the same time

Technical specifications