Sturdy hoeing technology for mechanical weed control

Transformer VF

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Transformer VF

Precision and efficiency

Its assets

  • Excels due to acreage performance and stability
  • Sturdy and at the same time compact design
  • Combines variability and precision
  • Simple handling

Three basic frame concepts

  • 6 m working width
  • 9 m working width
  • 12 m working width

Three for all conditions

6 m working width

9 m and 12 m working width

Special features of the 9 m and 12 m versions

  • Folds in five sections
  • Cylinder of the 180° folding is located in a protected position inside the frame
  • Stable, hydraulically adjustable support wheels
  • Bending due to double lifting cylinders for a 90° folding allows for:
    • More comfortable turning due to slightly raised side wings
    • Excellent adaption to hilly terrain due to floating position in working position

Details and highlights


  • Frame height of 660 mm allows for a late use in high crops
  • Inside clamping profile guarantees maximum variability with regard to the arrangement of the tools and at the same time allows for a compact design for large working widths
  • Torsional stiffness and stability due to frame concept with square tube and welded clamping profile
  • Fully integrated side sliding frame with a range of 450 mm
    • Saves weight
    • Allows for a low overall design depth
    • Leads to more precision
  • Cylinder with inside odometer sensor

VF stands for VariableFrame – a sturdy and versatile frame for the most different applications.

New standard


  • Solid 3-bar parallelogram for different row spacings: 25, 30, 45, 50, 60, 70, 75 and 80 cm
  • With a row spacing of 25 cm two resp. three rows are hoed with one parallelogram
  • Simple and quick adjustment of the working depth without any tools
  • Maintenance-free
  • Wide parallelogram, stable bearing and large tyres for a long operating life and good working effects, even on heavy and stony soils
  • Hydraulic body retraction for a transport width of 3 m and SectionControl


The tine

  • A 15 and 18 cm wide point for precise, shallow cutting
  • Angular points to protect the crops at an early stage
  • Welded to a slim shaft, for only little movement of the soil
  • Simple fixing of the coulter shaft at the upper spring to make sure that the height is kept up
  • Carbide coated for increased stability (optional)
  • Optional: a following harrow behind every parallelogram

Relaxed working

Camera system

  • Well-proven technology
  • Efficient weed control by driving close to the plants
  • Perfect for organic and conventional farming, especially for populations with herbicide resistances
  • Wide range of application due to colour-independent 3D row detection
  • Colour selection in 2D mode guarantees more applications possibilities
  • Small plants as of 2 cm can be detected
  • Proportional valve for smoother and more precise movement of the frame


  • Two cameras, one at the left and one at the right side
  • Lighting kit to be able to work at night and in bad lighting conditions


The ISOBUS SectionControl function allows for an automatic lifting of the individual segment. The current position is detected via GPS. Thus, the parallelograms are lifted individually automatically at field boundaries, on the headlands, in case of overlaps or in defined areas.

Advantages of RowLift

  • Overlapping on the headlands and at field boundaries is reduced to the minimum
  • Constant working quality on the whole field
  • Increase of the productivity under various conditions (day and night, fog)
  • Relief of the driver
  • Precise lifting of the individual row at high operational speeds
  • Lifting height approx. 20 cm



HORSCH Transformer6 VF9 VF12 VF
Working width (m)6,009,00 / 6,0012,00
Transport width (m)2,952,952,95
Transport height (m)3,103,503,95
Length (m)2,402,602,60
Weight (kg)*1 7002 9503 500
Row spacing (cm)25 / 30 / 45 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 75 / 8025 / 30 / 45 / 50 / 70 / 75 25 / 30 / 45 / 50 / 70 / 75
Tyre size support wheels23 / 10.50 – 1223 / 10.50 – 1223 / 10.50 – 12
Frame height in the field (mm)660660660
DA control devices245
3-point (linkage)Cat. II/IIICat. IIICat. III
Horsepower requirement from (kW/hp)90 / 120140 / 190180 / 250


* Weights of the machines with a row spacing of 75 cm