Precise efficiency

Finer SL

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Assets of the Finer

  • 5, 6, 7 and 8 m working width with 3-point linkage
  • All-over cutting due to solid tines
  • Efficient consolidation in the germination zone
  • Free configuration options from light cultivator to seedbed preparer with double packer and 2-row harrow
  • Compact tine section for all-over cutting
  • Precise working due to exact depth control
  • Hydraulically adjustable working depth as well as hydraulic adjustment of the aggressiveness of the harrow
  • Release force of the tine can be doubled by the double spring
  • In combination with the 2-row heavy harrow the Finer combs the weeds to surface
  • Finer SL combined with the seeding kit for sowing wet conditions or for sowing catch crops
  • MiniDrill seed unit for precise, simple and quick catch crop sowing

What are the favourite conditions of use of the Finer?

  • Shallow and all-over weed control after the first tillage pass
  • Creation of a “stale” seedbed
  • Seedbed preparation for maize
  • Opening the seedbed after the winter
  • Efficient sowing of catch crops
  • Tine sowing technology allows for sowing in very wet conditions

Precise tillage down to the last detail

  • Shallow and precise mechanical weed control
  • Ultimate efficiency
  • Simple handling
  • Solid design
  • Various packer versions for all types of soil
  • Various configuration options
  • Working widths from 5 to 8 m with 3-point linkage
  • Sowing catch crops with the HORSCH MiniDrill
  • Tine seed kit for sowing in very wet conditions

Efficiency and prcision in tillage

The Finer SL is optimum to keep the fields black all year long. Capillarity is broken, and the soil is cultivated all-over. With regard to consolidation there is a wide selection of different packer versions. If the Finer is to be used for weed control, it can also be configured without a packer. The optional harrow guarantees the production of fine earth and is used to comb out the plants.

Various configuration options

Perfectly adapted to the requirements if our customers


Packing systems

Versatile for optimum results

The packer versions are only available for 6 and 7 m working width.

DoubleCage packer

  • Large contact area due to double packer
  • Intensive crumbling due to different diameters of the individual roller elements
  • Creation of a fine-crumbly topsoil

RingFlex packer

  • Large contact area due to 7-cm-wide ring elements
  • Organic matter is mixed in additionally
  • Can be retrofitted to a winter packer

Cage drum roller

  • Homogeneous crumbling of the soil surface
  • Low charge weight
  • Available as a double packer: DoubleCage packer

RollCut packer

  • Strip consolidation
  • Good surface structure on medium-heavy, stone-free soils
  • Perfect packer for medium-heavy and heavy, stone-free soils

RollFlex packer

  • Deep consolidation with loose soil surface
  • Good levelling qualities with levelling tines
  • Self-cleaning qualities without scraper
  • Good all-round performance

RollPack packer

  • Steel ring roller with a diameter of 55 cm
  • Deep strip consolidation
  • Flexible conditions of use

Different coulter versions for any application


Accurate efficiency for catch crops and Greening

The MiniDrill is a completely new HORSCH development. The hopper capacity is 400 l and is equipped with the well-proven metering unit of the Pronto. The seed is injected directly into the distribution system. It is available for all Finer SL.
To guarantee an excellent lateral distribution there are six evenly distributed outlets in front of or behind the packer for 3 m machines and twelve outlets for 4 m working width upward.


HORSCH Finer 5 SL 6 SL 7 SL 8 SL
Length (m)5,006,007,008,00
Working width (m)2,702,702,702,70
Machine height in transport position (m)2,753,253,754,25*
Length (m/from – to)3,00 – 4,50 depending on the equipment3,00 – 4,50 depending on the equipment3,00 – 4,50 depending on the equipment3,00 – 4,50 depending on the equipment
Weight (kg/from – to)2 000 – 3 400 depending on the equipment2 150 – 3 700 depending on the equipment2 300 – 4 000 depending on the equipment2 450 – 3 600 depending on the equipment
Number of tines33394553
Tine spacing in the row (cm)61626260
Tine spacing (cm)15.2015.4015.6015.10
Tyre size depth control wheels23 x 10.5 – 1223 x 10.5 – 1223 x 10.5 – 1223 x 10.5 – 12
Frame height (cm)58.5058.5058.5058.50
Working depth max. (cm)10101010
DA control devices1 (+1 depending on option)1 (+1 depending on option)1 (+1 depending on option)1 (+1 depending on option)
Horsepower requirement as of (kW/hp)90–175 / 120–240115–200 / 160–270130–220 / 180–300150–250 / 200–340
3-point linkageKat. III / IVKat. III / IVKat. III / IVKat. III / IV


* Attention! The transport height of the machine is > 4.00 m!