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Taro SL

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The Taro line stands for 6-meter-wide seed drills that in combination with a HORSCH Partner can be linked to the 3-point of the tractor.
The enormous manoeuvrability on small, irregular fields guarantees the high efficiency of the new Taro seed drill line. The capacity of 1 600 litres resp. 2 200 litres of the HORSCH Partner front hoppers leads to an optimum weight distribution of the rig. The separated method, that is tillage and sowing carried out separately, allows for new sowing windows especially in years with high rainfall.
The S hort L ine Taro ( SL ) is equipped with a RollFlex or trapeze ring packer, TurboDisc seed coulters of the 3rd generation and interesting equipment options to adapt this machine too, to the individual requirements of the customers. A characteristic feature of the machine is the low overall weight of about 3 000 kg (depending on the equipment) for a working width of 6.00 m. Due to the high variability with regard to the row spacings, e. g. 12.5 cm, 15 cm, 25 cm and 30 cm the Taro SL can be adapted individually to every site. The optional selective hosing of the two distributor towers and a HORSCH Partner with half-width shut-off allow for switching quite simply from a row spacing of 12.5 cm (15 cm) to 25 cm (30 cm). The Taro 6 SL is an optimum complement of the machinery, especially for farms that use harrow and hoe for weed management.
But the Taro 6 SL is not only optimum when combined with a Transformer VF. The whole line stands for manoeuvrability, flexibility, high efficiency and variety. Whether it is used solo with 3-point linkage with a front hopper or in combination with a Focus with 3-point linkage rack – this line meets any requirements.

Taro SL

Powerful arguments

  • The Taro excels due to its manoeuvrability and its high efficiency on fields with an irregular shape as well as its immediate operational readiness.
  • Due to the simple adjustment of seed quantity, seed depth and coulter pressure the machine is operational within a very short time.
  • The optional selective hosing allows for switching quite simply between two row spacings.
  • The HORSCH packer versions guarantee an even consolidation and equal conditions in front of every seed coulter.
  • The well-proven TurboDisc seed coulter guarantees a precise seed placement.
  • You can achieve an optimum weight distribution of the tractor with a HORSCH Partner with a maximum capacity of 2 200 l seed.
  • The offset sowing system, tillage and seeding are separated, allows for new seed windows, especially in years with a lot of rain.



Working width (m) 6.00
Transport width (m) 3.00
Transport height (m) 3.30
Length without / with pre-emergence marker (m) 2.80 / 3.40
Weight (kg)* 2 800
Number of seed coulters 48 / 40 / 24 / 20
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg) 20 – 80
Row spacing (cm) 12.50 / 15.00 / 25.00 / 30.00
RollFlex packer ø (cm) 54
Trapeze ring packer (cm) 60
Working speed (km/h) 10 – 20
Power demand (kW/hp) 110 – 183 / 150 – 250
DA control devices 1 folding (+1 bout marker, hydr. via tractor control device)
Tool attachment 3-point 3-point Cat. III

* Weights of the empty machines with minimum equipment

PackerDiametre in mmCoulter spacing in cmkg/mkg/6 m
RollFlex packer54012.5
Trapeze ring packer60012.5
1 170
1 140