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Impressive diversity

Sprinter SL

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Products Seeding | Sprinter SL

Versatile, compact, simple – all this is due to the HORSCH Sprinter 6.25 SL. The combination with the Partner FT front hopper guarantees a manoeuvrable and yet efficient tine seed drill.

Tine sowing technology not only for direct seeding

  • The Sprinter 6.25 SL excels due to its manoeuvrability and efficiency
  • Flexibility due to the three different coulter options
  • Sowing catch crops directly into the stubbles or after tillage
  • Perfect contour adjustment due to individual depth controlled and preloaded tines

The Sprinter 6.25 SL stands for 6 m working width and a row spacing of 25 cm. Together with the Partner FT front hopper it is a perfect match and allows for applying up to two products. Due to the optional selective hosing, a row spacing of 50 cm can be achieved or two crops can be seeded at the same time. Thus, it is possible to apply fine seeds as well as coarse seeds at the same time in one pass. Due to the individual depth control, an optimum seed placement at different depths can be achieved.

  • Direct seed
  • Mulch seed
  • Application of two products (in combination with Partner FT 2000)
  • Application of two different crops due to optional selective hosing


HORSCH Sprinter SL
Working width (m)6,00
Transport width (m)2,95
Transport height (m)2,92
Length (m)3,31
Weight (kg)2500
Number of seed coulters24
Row spacing (cm)25
Tine pressure (kg)160
Press wheels Ø (cm)33
Tyre size support wheels5.00/10
Operational speed (km/h)5 - 10
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp)110 / 150 - 160 / 220
DA control devices1 x flaps, 1 x tine pressure, 1 x bout marker (optional)
Implement attachment 3-point3-point Cat. III


ThinEdge seed coulter

  • Narrow tine seed coulter
  • Width: 21 mm
  • Ideal for sowing catch crops directly into stubble
  • Moves only little soil

With a width of 21 mm, the ThinEdge tine seed coulter is a very narrow coulter. It is ideal for sowing catch crops directly into stubble. Due to the narrow shape only little soil is moved and thus the water is kept in the soil. The little movement of the soil does not stimulate the germination of weeds. In addition, the tine point can be mounted on the WideEdge coulter.

WideEdge seed coulter

  • Wide point seed coulter
  • Width: 110 mm
  • Creates an approx. 7 cm wide seed band
  • Perfect distribution in the seeding area

The WideEdge tine seed coulter is the widest tine seed coulter in the Sprinter SL and SC line. It creates a seed band with a width of up to 7 cm. This ensures a wide distribution per seed row. The point is used to remove organic residues and thus guarantees a clean seed furrow without residues. In addition, the point can be mounted on the ThinEdge coulter.

Ultra ThinEdge coulter

  • Very narrow tine seed coulter
  • Width: 12 mm
  • Ideal for sowing catch crops directly into stubble
  • Generates only minimum soil movement

The Ultra ThinEdge tine seed coulter is the narrowest tine seed coulter in the Sprinter SL and SC line. The point is only 12 mm wide and only opens a very thin seed furrow. Thus, almost no soil is moved which makes it ideal for sowing catch crops directly into stubble.
The little movement of soil does not stimulate weeds to germinate and in addition, the soil is not moved unnecessarily to keep evaporation in the soil as low as possible.

Press wheel / (firming wheel)

Always the perfect depth due to the press wheel

  • Press wheel round
  • Press wheel wedge-shaped

Two press wheel options are available.

The round press wheel can be used in all situations – in very dry as well as in very hard, stony soils.

The wedge-shaped press wheel is ideal for very dry and light soils. The pointed profile consolidates the seed furrow deeply.

Additional Features

Fertiliser and seed flow control

Flow control at the distribution tower

  • For a complete monitoring of the seed and fertiliser hoses
  • Warning if a pneumatic hose is blocked
  • Sowing errors are avoided
  • Monitoring of the pneumatic flow at the distribution tower

The fertiliser and seed flow control is a reasonable electronic solution to prevent sowing errors. The sensors control the flow directly behind the distribution tower and detect blockages. Thus, the individual pneumatic hoses are monitored and within seconds you get a notification in the terminal – both acoustic and visual.

Half-width shut-off

The easy way to save seed

  • A second distribution tower is mounted as an option
  • Control via the Partner FT front hopper
  • Saving of seed and fertiliser

As an option, the machine can be equipped with a half-width control. A second distribution tower is installed for this purpose. The half-width control is carried out via the metering system of the Partner FT front hopper.

Selective hosing

Unlimited possibilities due to selective hosing

  • Double row spacing 25 cm or 50 cm
  • Two different crops can be sown
  • Small seeds can be placed perfectly and simultaneously with coarse seeds
  • Due to the individual depth control, every crop is placed at the perfect depth

Optionally, the Sprinter SL can be equipped with a selective hosing. This allows for two other applications. Thus, for example, the double row spacing – from 25 cm to 50 cm – can be achieved. Moreover, two different crops with different requirements can be sown perfectly at the same time. Thus, fine seeds can be placed shallowly and coarse seeds can be seeded deeper.