The Fortis AS: a new definition of flexibility and precision

Fortis AS

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The HORSCH Fortis AS is ideal for shallow tillage and deep loosening at a depth of 30 cm. It breaks plough pans and at the same time mixes in organic material reliably over the whole cultivation horizon.

    Robust frame and optimum tine layout for tractor powers up to 700 hp

    • 4-bar design and a tine spacing of 27 cm ensure low horsepower requirement and intensive mixing
    • Robust design for hardest conditions and long service life
    • Large selection of packer options for intensive consolidation
    • Maintenance-free TerraGrip tine system with a release force of 550 kg and a very long service life

    The HORSCH Fortis AS represents a new generation of robust cultivators. It has been developed specifically for the increasing tractor power of the past years. The maximum working depth increased to 30 cm and the clearance was adapted to the increasingly changing crops on one farm.

    • Shallow tillage to primary soil cultivation at a depth of up to 30 cm
    • Even mixing of harvest residues, catch crops and organic fertilisers over the whole cultivation horizon
    • 4-bar design and a tine spacing of 27 cm for intensive mixing and high clearance even in case of a lot of organic material
    • Required tractor power: up to 700 hp
    • Various equipment options for utmost flexibility


    HORSCH Fortis AS6 AS7 AS9 AS
    Working width (m)5,606,708,90 m
    Transport width (m)2,992,992,99 (3,50 with mech. TerraGrip) m
    Transport height (m)3,503,992,99 (3,50 with mech. TerraGrip) m
    Length (m)9,309,309,50
    Axle load6 100 – 7 200 kg7 500 – 8 600 kg9200 - 11000 kg
    Support weight500 - 1450 kg600 - 1500 kg1100 - 2400 kg
    Tyre size support wheels400 / 60 – 15.5400 / 60 – 15.5520/50-17
    Tyre size chassis550 / 45 – 22.5550 / 45 – 22.5550/45-22.5 or 385/65 R22.5
    Number of tines212533
    Tine spacing in one row108 cm108 cm108 cm
    Tine spacing27 cm27 cm27 cm
    Frame height850 mm850 mm850 mm
    Double-acting control devices2 (+ 1 depending on option)2 (+ 1 depending on option)4
    Power demand260 - 400 / 350 - 550 kW/hp290 - 440 / 400 - 600 kW/hp370 - 510 / 500 - 700 kW/hp
    Connection via lower linkCat. III – III / IV – IVCat. III – III / IV – IVCat. III – III / IV – IV
    Connection via adjustable drawbarHitch Ø 42, 51, 71 mmHitch Ø 42, 51, 71 mmHitch Ø 42, 51, 71 mm
    Connection via ball hitchK 80K 80K 80



    TerraGrip III

    Robust reliability

    • Release force from 500 to 550 kg (depending on the model)
    • Flexible mounting of point and wing options
    • Low horsepower requirement due to curved deflector
    • Optimum residue mixing even at shallow working depths

    The TerraGrip tine system impresses due to its flexibility with regard to the various point and wing options. The low horsepower requirement and the excellent mixing behaviour are due to the curved shape and the low angle of the point.

    Points and wings

    • TerraCut wing HM
    • MulchMix wing
    • MulchMix wing HM
    • MulchMix point
    • MulchMix point HM
    • MulchMix point HM Plus
    • Point LD
    • Point LD Plus
    • Point ULD Plus

    Due to the wide range of point and wing combinations the cultivator can be used for almost all cultivation depths from shallow cutting at 3 to 4 cm to primary soil cultivation. This increases the application range enormously.

    TerraCut wing

    For a shallow, all-over cutting in hard conditions

    • Wings on the left and right side for all TerraGrip tines
    • Cutting width: 40 cm
    • Low setting angle
    • Excellent penetration behaviour due to angle of the point

    The TerraCut point is the ideal choice if you want to cut deeply rooted material shallow across the whole working width. The cutting width of 40 cm combined with a very stable tine guarantee an all-over cutting even in difficult conditions. The combination of wing and point results in a groove of 30 mm in the area of the point. Thus, the penetration is considerably better than with a duck foot point. The TerraCut wings are carbide covered to guarantee a long service life.

    MulchMix wing flat

    Excellent mixing over the whole working width

    • Wings on the left and right side for all TerraGrip tines
    • 34.5 cm wide wings
    • Two setting angles depending on the working depth
    • Available as standard and a carbide version

    The MulchMix wings with the shallow angle are used for initial stubble cultivation. The shallow working angle ensures an even shallow cultivation. Thus, a good mixing of the straw can be achieved with less fuel consumption. Volunteer crops are not buried unnecessarily deep.

    Additional Features

    Hydraulically pre-tensioned packer

    • Rear packer roller can be pre-tensioned
    • Front packer roller is less pressured
    • Prevents the machine from sinking in soft conditions

    The hydraulically pre-stressed packer allows the farmer to individually and quickly react to changing working depths and conditions. Due to the pre-tension, weight can be transferred from the front to the rear packer roller. Thus, consolidation and crumbling can be adapted to the conditions.

    Hydraulic depth adjustment

    • Hydraulic depth adjustment
    • Can be adjusted while driving
    • Turning on the transport wheels

    Due to the fully hydraulic depth adjustment, the farmer can adjust the working depth of the Fortis individually and infinitely variably while driving. This is always combined with a turning on the transport wheels. If the machine is equipped with a hydraulic depth adjustment and clips to set the working depth, it can turn on the packer.