The Versa SW excels due to the various combination options and the individual equipment depending on the field. The flexible 3-point attachment frame allows for switching quite easily between the power harrow combination and the Maestro. The new seed wagon combinations excel due to their flexibility and variety.

Perfect seeding on extremely heavy soils

  • Intensive tillage due to pto-shaft driven rotary harrow
  • Efficient consolidation in front of the seed coulters is carried out by different packer options
  • 3-point attachment frame in the rear of the machine ensures highest flexibility of the implements, e.g. Versa SL, Taro SL or Maestro RV
  • During road transport, the tyres can be moved hydraulically below the folded rotary harrow and thus allow for a compact road transport position with a positive vertical load
  • Working depth can be adjusted independently of the seed depth
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  • Universal range of applications after plough
  • For mulch seeding even on extremely heavy soils
  • After conventional tillage
  • Stony and very heavy, clayey soils

Difficult weather and sowing conditions are quite challenging for farmers. With the Versa 6 SW we have therefore developed a precise seed drill for difficult conditions. Due to the option of a full width packer in front of the rotary harrow, there are new possibilities with regard to weight distribution and the reduction of the machine weight that is applied on the rotary harrow and the seed bar. Combined with well-proven components from other products and innovative ideas, e.g. a central and easily accessible seed depth adjustment, the Versa 6 SW increases our range for customers with heavy soils and difficult seeding conditions.

Mathias Schneider – Line PU Seeding

Technical specifications