Precise and fast stubble cultivation, incorporation of catch crop or organic fertilisers

Joker 12 RT

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Products Tillage Disc harrows | Joker 12 RT

Compact disc harrow with high clearance as two discs are fitted on one arm with rubber torsion suspension

  • Produces a high amount of fine soil in the germination horizon
  • Efficient consolidation in the germination horizon
  • Resistant to long harvest residues and shallow cultivation
  • Highest clearance with disc elements that are arranged in pairs
  • Optimum penetration characteristics due to aggressively serrated hollow discs and high machine weight

The HORSCH Joker RT is ideal for cereal stubble cultivation, mixing of organic material and seedbed preparation. It is available in 10 m and 12 m working width with tandem transport wheels. Depending on the focus of the application, it can be equipped with a Crossbar or a knife roller.


Working width (m) 12,15
Transport width (m) 3,00
Transport height (m) 4,00
Length (m) 9,30
Axle load (kg) 9700 - 11300
Axle load tandem axle (kg) 8 000 (front axle), 6 500 (rear axle)
Vertical load (kg) 2400 - 3000
Tyre size support wheels 400/60 - 15.5
Tyre size transport wheels 550/45 - 22.5
DiscSystem discs Ø (cm) 52 - 58
DiscSystem disc thickness (mm) 6
Number of DiscSystem discs (Piece) 99
Cutting angle DiscSystem discs (°) 17
DA control devices 3 (+ 2 per option)
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp) 265 – 350 / 360 – 480
Implement attachment lower link ---
Implement attachment adjustable drawbar Hitch Ø 51 – 71 mm
Implement attachment ball head ---


Disc serrated Ø 52 cm

  • Disc serrated Ø 52 cm
  • Excellent penetration of the soil
  • Intensive mixing
  • Different hardness grades in one disc

The serrated disc with a diameter of 52 cm can be used in different situations. For working depths up to 15 cm, it reliably penetrates the soil. The serrated cutaways allow for an excellent incorporation of high amounts of straw. The serrated profile almost completely prevents the discs from stopping even in very light soils. Small disc diameter for high rotational speeds and a high production of fine soil.

CoverCrush disc Ø 52 c

  • Working depths up to 8 cm
  • Good production of fine soil
  • Crushing of cover or catch crops

The CoverCrush disc is ideal for a shallow use up to 8 cm. Due to the large contact area, a lot of material is crushed but is only mixed in to a limited extent.

OptiRoll packer

The packer for very light and changing soils

  • Excellent rolling characteristics
  • OptiRoll packer Ø 73 cm
  • Weight per m working width: 376 kg

Due to its excellent rolling characteristics and its closed design, the OptiRoll packer is ideal for light soils with little structure. Due to the low horsepower requirement, it is also perfect for changing soils. Partial consolidation in the area of the rings.

Double RollPack packer

  • Steel ring roller with a diameter of 55 cm
  • Deep strip consolidation
  • Flexible conditions of use
  • Weight per m working width: 130 kg

The double RollPack Packer is ideal for light and medium soils. The large contact area and the excellent consolidation are due to the wide rings and the low packer weight.