Universal seed drill for all conditions

Pronto 8 - 9 DC

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Products Seeding Disc seed drills | Pronto 8 - 9 DC

The HORSCH Pronto DC allows for a precise grain placement at a top operational speed and an at the same time low horsepower requirement.

Faster - Simpler - Safer

  • Very simple, clear adjustment
  • Low horsepower requirement: low weight, possibility of intermediate packer and side packer mounted on the machine frame
  • DiscSystem as a front tool: 46 cm disc diameter with high rotation speed for high fine earth production

The Pronto DC is the universal seed drill with the lowest horsepower requirement in the market. Since its launch in 2003, farmers all over the world have been sowing with Pronto machines. By now, the Pronto sows on all continents in a wide variety of soils and in the most different conditions. This is possible due to an individual adaption of the additional options. Operational speeds up to 20 km/h and a precise seed placement as well as a good work pattern are crucial for this purpose. The straight, continuous frame with its simple design guarantees a low empty weight and results in a low horsepower requirement of the machine. The simple and clear calibration of the machine saves time and increases efficiency in the field.

  • Perfect sowing in different cultivated soils. Stale seedbed, after the plough or intensively mixed passes.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of sowing applications. In addition to the traditional crops like rape / wheat / barley, coarse-grained legumes / grass / catch crops etc are also possible.
  • With the optimised spelt pneumatics even spelt with husks is no challenge at all.


Working width (m)8,009,00
Transport width (m)2,992,99
Transport height (m)3,703,97
Length (m)8,258,50
Axle load (kg)7800 - 101509200 - 11200
Vertical load (kg)750 - 1800750 - 1800
Seed hopper capacity (l)40004000
Hopper capacity double hopper (l)5000 (40 : 60)5000 (40 : 60)
Dimension of feed opening (m)1,00 x 2,401,00 x 2,40
Feed opening double hopper (m)0,66 x 2,450,66 x 2,45
Filling height (m)3,103,10
Number of seed coulters (Piece)5260
Coulter pressure seed coulters (kg)15 - 12515 - 125
Seed coulters/press wheels Ø (cm)34 / 3234 / 32
Row spacing (cm)15,415,0
Tyre packer size / Ø (cm)7.50 - 16 AS / 787.50 - 16 AS / 78
Operational speed (km/h)10 - 2010 - 20
Horsepower requirement (kW/hp)155 - 215 / 210 - 290175 - 240 / 240 - 330
DA control devices3 (resp. +1 for filling auger, front packer)3 (resp. +1 for filling auger, front packer)
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar) (bar)11
Oil quantity hydraulic fan (Liter/Minute)35 - 4535 - 45
Implement attachment lower linkCat. III – III/IVCat. III – III/IV
Implement attachment adjustable drawbar (mm)Bolt Ø 40–50 mmBolt Ø 40–50 mm
Implement attachment ball headK 80K 80



Ideal seedbed preparation in all conditions

  • Efficient crumbling and even levelling over the whole working width
  • High clearance extends the range of applications and increases reliability
  • Increasing quality of work with increasing operational speed
  • Hydraulic depth adjustment, infinitely variable while driving

The 46 cm discs with a serrated profile achieve high rotational speeds and the penetration is excellent. The soil is mixed very aggressively, important fine soil is produced and the seedbed is levelled. Clearance is optimum as the disc elements are arranged in pairs. This additionally increases the reliability of the machine. The hydraulic depth adjustment allows for an infinitely variable adjustment while driving

Tyre packer with AS profile

Rugged, Efficient, Low Horsepower Requirement

  • Targeted, even levelling and consolidation in front of each seed coulter
  • Straight tyre profile increases consolidation in the consolidation area
  • Packer middle section also serves as a chassis for transport
  • Efficient consolidation below the seed horizon for better water distribution towards the seeds
  • Low horsepower requirement due to large tyre diameter and no scrapers required

The HORSCH tyre packer ensures a targeted and even levelling and consolidation in front of every seed coulter The tyres are arranged in one line. Thus, clearance is optimum even on light soils. The straight tyre profile increases consolidation. The 10-ply special HORSCH tyres ensure a long service life.
An efficient consolidation below the seed horizon guarantee a better water distribution towards the seeds The horsepower requirement is low due to large tyre diameter and no scrapers are required.

TurboDisc seed coulter

The third generation guarantees a headstart in the field of seed placement

  • Double disc coulter
  • Creates a precise seed furrow
  • Press wheel-controlled (5 cm or 7.5 cm wide)
  • Uniformer prevents the grains from bouncing
  • Inside scraper prevents blocking and clogging of the coulters
  • Coulter pressure up to 125 kg via rubber torsion
  • Designed for precise seed placement at high operational speeds
  • Allows for an even and safe emergence

A perfect embedding of the seed and an immediate seed-soil contact are important for a safe and even emergence. HORSCH perfectly copes with the challenge to achieve this objective even at high operational speeds. The solution is called TurboDisc. The double disc coulter that has been used and constantly developed further by HORSCH for more than 20 years excels due to its precise seed placement. The press wheel-controlled coulter design allows for a quick following of the soil contours at high speeds. Thus, the set placement depth can be kept up for every single grain.

The double disc seed coulter with a maintenance-free bearing opens the soil and thus allows for an undisturbed seed placement. The integrated Uniformer ensures the fixing of the seed at the bottom of the seed furrow even at very high operational speeds. A carbide coated scraper keeps the space between the discs clean and thus prevents clogging even in sticky and wet conditions. The 5 cm or 7.5 cm wide press wheel then ensures an optimum seed-soil contact and an exact depth control.

In addition to the excellent following of the soil, the TurboDisc seed bar excels due to the easy operation: with regard to their adjustment, coulter pressure and seed depth do not influence each other. The maintenance-free rubber bearings of the seed coulters transfer a coulter pressure of up to125 kg and thus guarantee a smooth coulter – up to an operational speed of 20 km/h. Furthermore, the rubber bearing serves as an overload protection and a shock absorber for stones.

HORSCH metering system / HORSCH rotors

HORSCH metering system / HORSCH rotors

  • Exact application
  • Optimum seed distribution
  • HORSCH rotor selection – find the optimum rotor for your machine quickly and easily
  • Depending on the components, seed rate and operational speed, various options can be selected
  • Easily accessible
  • Rotor shafts can be replaced without any tools

HORSCH rotors stand for utmost flexibility with regard to the application of different components. Depending on seed rate and operational speed when sowing, there are different rotors to choose from. For machines with double drop tube and two seed towers, only rotors with two spacing discs or, depending on the metering system, double rotors may be used to guarantee the half-width shut-off as well as a precise seed distribution.

The HORSCH metering system ensures a precise maintenance of the adjusted seed rate and an optimum seed distribution across the whole working width of the pneumatic seed drill.

The rotor selection programe allows for finding the appropriate rotor quickly and easily. All specifications are reference values that depend on the adjustment and the machine. We always recommend a calibration test before sowing.

If a non-optimal rotor has been installed, the valves above the metering devices will help. A valve above the metering device is installed as standard in the single hopper injector machines. The valves for machines with a pressurised hopper are inside the integrated toolbox and can be inserted without any tools if required. This allows for a fast replacement of the rotor even if the hopper is full without losing any seed.


Additional Features

Double hopper Grain & Fertiliser

Meter 2 components separately

  • Both components are metered separately and are transported together via the distribution tower or the distribution towers into the seed coulter.
  • The G & F system double hopper system allows for simultaneously applying seed and fertiliser as contact fertilisation.
  • The fertiliser is immediately available to the young plant and thus contributes to a quick early growth. This system should only be used in appropriate climatic conditions and with the assistance of a crop production consultant.
  • Not only seed and fertiliser, but also 2 different seeds can be transported, metered and sown separately.

The G & F system double hopper system allows for simultaneously applying seed and fertiliser as contact fertilisation. Both metering devices meter into one common distribution tower. Seed and fertiliser are thus placed together in one furrow. The fertiliser is immediately available to the young plant and thus contributes to a quick early growth. This system should only be used in appropriate climatic conditions and with the assistance of a crop production consultant. Not only seed and fertiliser, but also 2 different seeds can be transported, metered and sown separately.

Fine metering insert kits

The solution for microgranular compounds and fine seeds

  • Perfect for microgranular compounds and fine seeds
  • Seed rates of 1.5 kg/ha to 60 kg/ha
  • Can be used in every machine with a pressurised hopper
  • Fine metering insert kit includes:
    • A drive shaft with four possible drive pinions
    • Three rotors with different sizes
    • Individual spacers depending on the drive shaft

The HORSCH fine metering insert kit for standard metering devices for a precise application of microgranular compounds and fine seeds. The fine seed kits consists of the following components:

  • A drive shaft with four possible drive pinions
  • Three rotors with different sizes
  • Individual spacers depending on the drive shaft

Due to the possibility to replace the drive rotors of the drive shaft by spacers and to select rotors of different sizes, you can meter between 1.5 kg/ha and 60 kg/ha (depending on the operational speed, working width and half-width options). The simplicity and flexibility of the components open up new possibilities for every HORSCH machine with a pressurised hopper. Whether Partner, MiniDrill, Pronto, Focus – the kits are compatible with all machines.

HORSCH SingularSystem

Focus on the individual plant

  • Singulation of cereals combined with a perfect placement precision due to the Funck metering device, the skid and the press roller
  • Quick and flexible adaption of the singulation pockets depending on the crop and the seed rate
  • The perfect distribution in the seeded area allows for an optimum water and nutrient supply of the plant and thus reduces competition.
  • Easy switching between Funck metering device, bypass or stainless steel tube depending on the seed quality, the seed rate and the crop

The HORSCH SingularSystem is the ideal technology for the singulation of cereals and for precision seed. With a similar design as the well-proven TurboDisc coulter, it is additionally equipped with an integrated skid and a height adjustable catching roller. The skid forms the seed furrow and ensures a precise placement of the seed. The catching roller guarantees a defined seed placement and an optimum seed-soil contact. To guarantee an undisturbed and exact mechanical singulation of the grains, regular size and clean seed is required. In conditions with higher seed densities or for seeds that cannot be singulated, e.g. coarse-grained legumes, the SingularSystem coulter can be equipped with the bypass that is included in the delivery or for extremely high seed rates with a stainless steel drop tube and can then be used as a “normal” seed drill without singulation. For both versions, a more precise seed embedding is achieved due to the skid and the catching roller.


Advantages SingularSystem seed coulter:

  • The design of the seed coulter and thus the main features like the coulter pressure of up to 125 kg are identical to the well-proven TurboDisc coulter.
  • The well-proven double discs open the seed furrow. The integrated skid forms the seed furrow and ensures a precise placement.
  • A height adjustable catching roller allows for a defined placement of the seed and creates an optimum seed-soil contact.
  • Behind the catching roller the well-known press wheel closes the furrow and carries out the depth control of the seed coulter.

Requirements on the seed:

  • To guarantee an undisturbed and exact mechanical singulation of the grains, regular size and clean seed is required.
  • By means of the HORSCH shaker box, you can easily determine if the seed is of regular size and thus suitable for the system.
  • The grains should basically be in the second or the third chamber of the shaker box.
  • If the grains are in the first or last chamber, this seed is not suitable for singulation (in this case you can use the bypass system).

Singulation principle:

  • Design of the central metering unit and the pneumatic system it is identical to conventional seed drills.
  • The singulation of the grains is carried out by means of the Funck metering device on the seed coulter with up to 100 grains/sec.
  • Singulation is carried out mechanically by crop-specific pockets in the singulation disc of the Funck metering device.
  • The desired seed quantity in grains/m² and the thousand-seed weight are entered in the terminal.
  • The calibration test is carried out according to the known process.
  • Every singulation disc is driven by an electric motor (1 000 - 2 000 rpm), monitored by the software and regulated by the software automatically depending on the operational speed.
  • Depending on the seed quantity 1, 2 or 4 pockets can easily be inserted in the singulation discs without any tools.
  • Different pockets are available for wheat, rye, barley, rape and peas.
  • The seed is led to the seed furrow via the drop tube.
  • From an agronomic point of view, it makes sense to use the system up to a seed density of 250 grains/m². Beyond this limit there are only little singulation benefits.
  • In case of high seed quantities, unsuitable seed or the application of catch crops, you can sow conventionally with the bypass system that is included in the machine delivery or with a stainless steel drop tube.

Spelt pneumatics

The appropriate pneumatics and the right crop

  • Optimised pneumatic hosing for seeds with husks
  • chamfered seed flow tubes prevent the husks from getting wedged
  • Optional seed flow sensors support the prevention of gaps

Sowing spelt with husks always is a challenge for farmers. HORSCH developed a special pneumatic adaption for this crop which has been optimised over several years. To make sure that the spelt with husk does not wedge and cause blockings, all corners and edges in the pneumatic system are checked and rough edges are removed. For example, the seed tubes at the seed coulters are chamfered and the seed hoses are directly attached to the coulters with cable ties. The seed flow sensors that are recommended for sowing spelt are also chamfered. Thus, spelt can be transported smoothly through the pneumatics and gaps are prevented.