AirVac and AirSpeed metering devices

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What are the excelling features of the new metering devices?

  • Electrically driven as a standard
  • Can be universally used for precise grain singulation and the most different crops
  • Metering of maize, sunflowers, sugar beets and soya
  • Simple handling: the scraper does not have to be adjusted
  • Seed monitoring via grain sensor: information about the singulation accuracy
  • Individual control of every row: individual row switch off, SectionControl, VariableRate, tramline switching

What is the difference between AirVac and AirSpeed?


  • Reliable singulation via a vacuum
  • High precision for sowing speed up to 12 km/h
  • Maximum yields due to optimum embedding of the grains
  • Utmost flexibility for the most different crops
  • Increased time frame in case of wet sowing conditions


  • Precise singulation by means of overpressure
  • Perfect plant spacings at high operational speeds
  • Safe embedding of the grain by means of a shot system and a catching roller
  • Maximum power and efficiency

Future availability of AirVac and AirSpeed metering devices

The new metering discs