Automatic coulter pressure control


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automatic coulter pressure control

AutoForce – What do you need an automatic coulter pressure control for?

  • Stony soils require more coulter pressure to place the seed at a consistent depth. If the coulter pressure is too low the coulter body would not move smoothly and the seed would germinate irregularly and with different speed.
  • Lighter soils or more easily compacted soils require less coulter pressure to avoid a compaction of the soil. Too much coulter pressure compacts the soil and slows down the development of the roots although all seed was placed at the same depth.
  • There rarely are fields that are completely even. The coulter pressure has to be adapted to each section of the field.
  • This is why HORSCH developed an automatic coulter pressure control system.

How does AutoForce work?

  • For the Maestro CV / CX the system works as a one-sectional system.
  • AutoForce controls the pressure of the cylinders at the parallelogram and readjusts the system in such a way that the weight on the support wheels is always the same. This is due to the design of the Maestro where weight is transferred to the seed bar.
  • The coulter pressure then varies automatically between 150 kg and 350 kg.