For more comfort and flexibility: the new MobileControl app

In the future, the MobileControl app allows for activating selected machine functions comfortably and intuitively via the smartphone. For example, a functional test of all nozzles can be carried out for the individual sections. To do so, the smartphone (Apple or Android) is simply connected with the local WLAN of the machine. Machine information and messages, too, can be read out via MobileControl.

Saves time and nerves: HorschConnect Telematics

Via the HorschConnect Telematics Portal you can always keep track of your machine. In addition to the current position, speed and application rate you can, of course, review data of past orders. Smart dashboards, the remote monitoring of the nozzle function and nozzle configuration as well as the overview of all washing programs and their status complete the concept. An additional benefit: Remote diagnostics of machine messages via HorschConnect Telematics reduces idle times and increases efficiency.

As an option, you can integrate a weather station in your machine and review for example the current temperature, wind direction and speed at the terminal respectively in the telemetry portal. Thus, you can any time adapt your measure to the prevailing local weather conditions.
Your documentation is automated – transparent, simple and safe. To make sure you can concentrate on the essential at any time.

No more multiple maintenance and redundant information – a solution is only as good as its interfaces: carry out your data exchange between the platforms of different manufacturers in a simple and automated way. With the agrirouter you can manage this in an uncomplicated and safe way. And what is most important: you keep complete control of your data.