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StripTill now also available in 3 meter working width

StripTill now also available in 3 meter working width

Due to multiple requests from customers HORSCH now launches a 3-meter version of the well-proven StripTill line Focus to offer a solution for smaller tractors and smaller farm to combine strip tillage and sowing.

At first glance the most obvious difference between the three-meter-wide Focus and the larger working widths is the steel hopper. The hopper capacity amounts to 3500 litres with a partition of 60:40. The MiniDrill with a capacity of 400 litres to apply a third component is available in addition. We recommend a 250 hp tractor for an operational speed of 10 km/h.

Not only because of the more and more frequent periods of drought no-till farming and StripTill systems become more and more important for modern arable farming. The cultivation of small strips with an integrated placement of fertiliser as well as precise sowing has many advantages that have become evident during the ten years of experience with the Focus line:

  • Residues for previous crops guarantee slower drying-up of the soil
  • Erosion protection due to organic residues on the soil surface
  • Formation of humus
  • Improved water balance
  • Increased earthworm activity due to targeted, reduced tillage
  • Residues of previous crops are removed from the seed horizon
  • The seed-soil contact improves accordingly
  • In dry conditions this results in a better emergence

The main characteristics of the Focus line include the deep loosing of the soil with a targeted placement of fertiliser and precise sowing – combined in only one pass. The Focus machines are equipped with well-proven components from the HORSCH seed drills and tillage machines. Thus, you can reduce passes, protect the soil and mainly keep important humidity in the soil. 

The first tool are the TerraGrip tines that guarantee a deep loosening of the soil as well as a targeted fertiliser depot placement below the seed rows for an optimum root development.
The fertiliser can be placed in one or two soil layers at different depths.
Harvest residues are removed from the root area and wet soil is transported into the germination horizon, thus creating ideal conditions for the seed.

The tyre packer with a diameter of 100 centimeter guarantees a targeted, deep consolidation.
The resulting seed-soil contact prepares an optimum seedbed in front of the seed coulters. The packer is followed by different tools for levelling, ridge forming or crumbling – depending on the desired use.

The Focus line is known for the large variety of equipment options for different crops and conditions. This is also true for the seed coulters. For sowing into a soil with few harvest residues we recommend the TurboDisc seed coulter, for sowing into high amounts of straw the TurboEdge seed coulter. The individual and press wheel controlled seed coulters always adapt perfectly to the soil and guarantee a precise seed placement.