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HORSCH Maschinen GmbH | HORSCH Live


At the end of the year, we are going to organise our digital seminar HORSCH Live again.   
From 30th of November until 2nd of December we are offering a varied program including expert speeches, panel discussions and machine presentations. We invited various speakers from different agricultural sectors. They will be discussing and informing about recent trends, current topics and technical innovations.   

On Tuesday, 30th of November, and on Thursday, 2nd of December, we are streaming in German.   
On Wednesday, 1st of December, we are streaming in German, English, French and Russian.  

How to participate: 

  • Directly via our website. Visit our website on the day of the event and participate free of charge without registration.   
  • The streams will be available on our Facebook and YouTube channels. For Facebook a registration is required, in YouTube you only have to register if you want to participate in the chat.   
  • All contributions will be available online after the event.  

You can participate in the discussions and ask the speakers questions at any time. A previous registration for the event is not required.  

We are looking forward to a large audience, exciting speeches and lively discussions and conversations! 

Here you will find all HORSCH Live events from spring 2021: 

HORSCH Live 2021 - YouTube  (23rd till 25th of February 2021))

Do not miss this event! Follow us on our social media channel and regularly visit our website. We will keep you informed! 

For information on the programme on the different days, please see the following listing:

Thuesday, 30th November
Wednesday, 1st December
Thursday, 2nd December

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