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The universal HORSCH Avatar 12.25 SD has been equipped with some new equipment options, e.g. a new control concept. The intuitive handling concept based on ISOBUS makes it easier for the farmer to…

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Depending on the soil, the preparatory work and the crops that have to be drilled there are individual equipment versions for every customer. Thus, the machine can…

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The metering system is a particularly innovative feature of the seed drill Versa KR. The main focus of the mechanical seed drill is on the electrically driven metering on the countershaft.

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Seedbed preparation and precise sowing with only one machine in only one pass? Yes, it is possible! Our Pronto principle revolutionised the market and is the formula for…

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3-point seeding technology Taro 6 HD

HORSCH Taro 6 HD (Heavy Duty) 

The offset sowing system, tillage and seeding are separated, allows for new seed windows, especially in years with a lot of rain.

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HORSCH Avatar 18M

HORSCH’s new M model in the Avatar drill range offers operational reliability in difficult conditions, minimum soil movement and erosion protection.

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Autonomous technologies allow machines to move and operate freely. Complete automation is still in the development stage, but the HORSCH Roboter is a development platform for the company to explore…

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