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AgVision Farm

Field Days

The experience at the Horsch AgVision Farm consists of a 160-acre farm and event center with a series of test plots showcasing proven global cropping techniques done with HORSCH equipment. Here we highlight different farming practices and relate how they are beneficial to each customer that visits the site. The test plots will prove tillage and planting concepts with our machines, will be an on-going project in showcasing multiple crop rotations, and will focus on practical integration of cover crops. These plots are planted with different technologies and is best served as a proving ground to customers for Horsch planting, seeding, and tillage concepts and prototypes.

Our goal at the AgVision Farm is for you to experience crop farming with a greater attention to quality and precision than competition, while seeing our machines run live in the field. Focus will be with traditional and non-traditional crop rotations and their integration into farms across North America. Along with this variety of crops, the AgVision Farm will also showcase different global farming practices, tillage techniques, seeding/planting technologies, crop health management, and future cropping technologies.