Perfect Choice

HORSCH LLC. Products Intelligence | Perfect Choice

Various options and settings for an universal use – this what components like rotors, metering discs, tramline settings or terminal compatibility stand for.
Thus, the HORSCH Maestro for example can be used universally due to the use of different metering discs for different crops.
To keep track of everything anytime, our interactive digital tools help you to take the perfect decision in no time!

  • Rotor selection: Find the optimum rotor for sowing depending on all relevant factors like metering medium, seed rate and operational speed!
  • Coming soon:
    • Metering disc selection: Always use the appropriate metering disc for the respective crop!
    • Tramline configurator: Find the correct tramline rhythm online and all tramline settings for sowing – easily and quickly
    • Terminal compatibility: From SectionControl to MultiControl – Find out which ISOBUS functionalities your terminal supports – completely independent of a manufacturer.