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HORSCH LLC. Service | Error codes

Always well equipped should problems arise: With “HORSCH Error Codes” you can read in seconds what is wrong with your HORSCH drill.

Simply enter the error code displayed on the terminal into the app and receive a detailed error description within seconds. No annoying scrolling through the manual! For most error messages you will have real instructions displayed, with which you will be able to eliminate the problem immediately. The app also informs you whether the event will cause critical drilling errors or drilling interruptions or not.

This way you are well informed at any time and you know exactly what to do. To be able to start again without delay.

HORSCH error codes work with all HORSCH drills with E-Manager, i.e. with:

  • Maestro
  • Pronto with E-Manager
  • Sprinter with E-Manager
  • Focus with E-Manager
  • Express with E-Manager
  • DuoDrill with E-Manager
  • Maistro with E-Manager

Here you can enter your error code:

Enter code

Your terminal does not show an error code?

You machine needs at least E-Manager software version 9.65

Please contact your HORSCH Service accordingly.

The functions in detail:

  • Browsing for error codes: 
    Your terminal shows an error code (e.g. 37-2). Enter this code in your app and you will receive detailed information about this error.
  • Display of:
    Error text
    You will be informed about the significance of the error message.
  • Screenshots and pictograms
    You can reliably identify the error – Simply compare illustrations with the images on the terminal.
  • Cause of error
    Why does the error occur?
  • Instructions for action
    What do you have to do to rectify the error?
  • Drilling interruption / drilling errors
    Learn immediately how critical the error actually is.
  • Further information:
    Audible signals, confirmations and many more

Here you can download the app for your smartphone: