Cougar sets the standard in maintaining stability and precise seed/fertilizer placement in the most extreme hillside farming conditions.
Versatility – Simplistic Operation – Seeding Precision


HORSCH LLC. Products Seeding Shank type seeders | Cougar

Similar in design to the Panther, the Cougar was born from customer demand for a suitable hillside seeding system. Cougar sets the standard in maintaining stability and precise seed/fertilizer placement in the most extreme hillside farming conditions. Whether cresting over hilltops or following steep contours of 30-45+ degrees, Cougar’s unique 2-rank design allows for parallel seed rows without risk of overlap, which eliminates overpopulated rows and high fertilizer concentrations. Cougar gives excellent seeding performance in no-till and min-till seedbeds.


Whether seeding/planting small grains, oilseeds, row crops, or banding fertilizer, the Cougar is an agile concept that adds value in many diverse operations. The unique 15 inch shank spacing allows for paired row seeding (7-7.5 inch row spacing), single rows on 15 inch spacing, or single/paired rows on 30 inch spacing. Simple change of opener preference allows for us of the Cougar in many seedling/planting/fertilizer applications. Cougar’s unique 2-rank design and narrow contour depth is well suited for hillside seeding.

Advantages of Cougar

  • Unique 2-rank design provides narrow contour depth for precise seed placement in extreme variable field terrains.
  • When working with steep field slope contours, 2-rank design eliminates cross over paths of seed rows. 
  • Proven robust concept designed for years of service.
  • 15 inch shank spacing allows flexibility in seeding/planting small grains, oilseeds, row crops, and fertilizer banding application. 
  • 750 pound trip force on shanks is heaviest in the industry, maintains consistent opener engagement at higher seeding speeds.
  • Standard disc leveler system allows for higher seeding speeds, directing soil flow from opener back into furrow before packing, eliminating stepping affect.
  • Proven pneumatic tire packing system follows variable terrain and provides ideal furrow firming. 
  • Industry leading coefficient of variation accuracy (row to row) for product volume output.
  • Superior row to row product volume output ensures consistent and uniform product distribution over entire working width.
  • Smooth and directed hose routings ensure consistent sinusoidal flow of product at each opener. 
  • Optional cutting coulters mount in front of each shank, provide unmatched residue flow in no-till conditions while keeping machine in balance.
  • Use with HORSCH tow-between air carts and for hillside seeding use the HORSCH SW8000 steering cart.

Seeding Precision

Smooth routing and transition of primary hoses up to the seed towers maintain uniform product flow. Precisely engineered air tower technology concentrates product flow uniformly upward towards the distribution manifold. Having this uniform flow directed up the center of the air tower is imperative to accurately distribute product volume evenly to each manifold port that leads to the opener. All distribution manifold hosing has a consistent downward routing to the openers, free of any loops or drastic directional changes to insure precise volume output per opener and uniform product flow.

Simplistic Operation

With few service points and wear components, the Cougar’s design makes it one of the easiest and lowest cost air seeder platforms to maintain in the industry. 


HORSCH Cougar230235238240250
Working Width30 ft35 ft38 ft40 ft50 ft
Shank Spacing15 in15 in15 in15 in15 in
Transport Width17.5 ft17.5 ft17.5 ft17.5 ft20 ft
Transport Height12.5 ft15 ft16.5 ft17.5 ft16.5 ft
Shank Trip Force750 lb750 lb750 lb750 lb750 lb
Trip Distance11.5 in11.5 in11.5 in11.5 in11.5 in
Number of Ranks22222