Pressurized seed tube – directly carries seed to furrow via air stream – eliminates seed tube bounce Ideal for corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sugar beets, canola, and other crops.
High speed planting, simplified

Maestro SX L

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Maestro SX L

The Maestro SX L is based on the well-proven planter concept of the Maestro SV. With 24 rows on 30" spacing, the chassis is designed for large carrying capacity of liquid fertilizer and seed. Integrated liquid system is complete from tank to the in-furrow placement. Seed in the bulk tank is conveyed to the row via the pneumatic MTS system and that air flow is also used for metering functions.

Advantages of Maestro 2430 SX L

  • 1 000 gallon liquid fertilizer and 140 bushel seed carrying capacity.
  • Weight transfer system
  • Hydraulic row unit downforce with optional AutoForce
  • High flotation low psi tires
  • Electric meter drives – section control and curve compensation
  • Liquid system
    • 92 gpm pump
    • SectionControl – six sections
    • Monitoring of each row

Inside the AirSpeed metering system

The revolutionary AirSpeed metering system is based on completely rethinking high speed planting. Using positive pressure metering technology, superior seed singulation is achieved at traditional and higher planting
speeds. Seed is released into a pressurized seed tube, shooting the seed to the furrow precisely where the catch wheel perfectly embeds the seed for maximum soil and moisture contact.

Advantages of AirSpeed on Maestro SX L

  • Planting speeds up to 10 mph
  • No adjustments needed for singulation adjustment
  • Positive pressure system with pressurized seed tube: simplicity and precision at high speed
  • Pressurized seed tube – directly carries seed to furrow via air stream – eliminates seed tube bounce
  • Ideal for corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sugar beets, canola, and other crops.


HORSCH Maestro SV / SX LMaestro 2430 SX L
Transport width (ft)11.5
Transport height (ft)13.7
Transport length (ft)31.2
Weight incl. seed wagon (lbs)*30 000
Hopper capacity seed wagon seed / fertiliser140 bushel / 1 000 gallons
Feed opening seed wagon seed (in)39 x 29
Feed opening seed wagon fertiliser (Ø/in)15.5
Number of rows24
Electr. opener pressure adjustment terminal (lbs)330 – 770
Depth control wheel Ø (cm)40
Press wheel Ø (in)11.8 / 13
Catching rollerStandard
Row spacing (in) 30"
Sowing depth (in)5 – 3.5"
Drop height seed (cm)---
Tire size seed waggon520 / 85 R 42
Working speed (mph)up to 10
Horsepower requirement from (hp)350
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar)1
DA control devices direct drive3
Oil quantity hydr. liquid fertiliser (gal/min)4.2
Oil quantity hydr. fan underpressure (gal/min)---
Oil quantity hydr. fan positive pressure and seed (gal/min)30
Oil quantity min. lifting / lowering (gal/min)10
Power demand during operation (A)16
Adj. drawbar linkageCat. III / IV


* Weights of the machines with minimum equipment