Mission statement

HORSCH LLC. Company | Mission statement


To develop innovative, high‐quality machines for forward‐thinking farmers.


To serve people with innovative machines for agriculture.

“Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.”


our values

  • To provide employment.
    We are profit‐oriented to enable growth and to offer our employees prospects.
  • To offer fair wages.
  • To encourage the individual.
    We position employees based on their talents and skills, in order to challenge and enhance their potential.
  • To share responsibility.
    Every employee is equally responsible for our companies overall performance.
  • To live in harmony.
    We have always treated our business partners and employees with the utmost trust, respect and fairness.
  • To solve conflicts together.
  • To serve the public.
    We serve our community and help aid them in any needs they may have. Because of our passion for our community we have transferred part of the company into a charitable foundation.
  • To protect the environment.
    Our products and knowhow help create long lasting farming areas.
  • To learn constantly.
    We are always looking to farmers for insight and knowledge of their experiences, as well as scientist to help improve our product and make us a better company.