Leeb VL

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  • Extremely comfortable and variable ComfortDriveFlex chassis: pneumatic independent wheel suspension with level control and adjustable track width and optional adjustable ground clearance
  • Stable chassis in lightweight construction thanks to central tube frame
  • High continuous ground clearance of 63 in, optionally adjustable to up to 79 in
  • Infinitely variable hydrostatic single wheel drive, automotive driving and an automatic anti-slip control
  • 6.7 litre six-cylinder engine from FPT with 310 hp
  • Economical driving thanks to intelligent drive control
  • Up to 31 mph top speed for road travel
  • Up to 20 mph working speed in field mode
  • Minimized slip and ground pressure due to very large tyre diameters of up to 86 in (2.18 m)
  • 1 600 gallons (6 000 litres) tank for maximum performance efficiency
  • Extremely stable boom construction
  • Proven HORSCH Leeb BoomControl
  • Optimum boom position even at higher driving speeds by single-wheel suspension and suspension of the boom in parallelogram
  • Simple and powerful spraying system with optional PowerFill filling pump
  • Practical operating terminals and an ergonomic joystick for an intuitive operation, perfectly adapted to the needs of the driver and the spraying operation
  • Automatic GPS controlled SectionControl
  • Up to 42 boom sections with individual division or PrecisionSpray pulse width modulation
  • NightLight nozzle cone lighting with innovative LED technology. Optimal illumination with bundled light for optimal spray control also at dusk and at night.

Comfort, Power and Efficiency


Chassis ComfortDriveFlex

  • With the ComfortDriveFlex chassis, the wheels are mounted on a sliding frame, which allows a high degree of flexibility for track width and ground clearance – optimum adaptation to every crop
  • The front cab on the central tube frame and the boom in parallelogram suspension ensure an optimised weight distribution of almost 50 : 50 – whether on the road or in the field
  • This arrangement allows for enough space for a tank volume of up to 1 600 gallons (6 000 litres) and consistently high driving stability


  • Hydraulic track width adjustment, comfortable adjustable from inside the cabin: 102 – 138 inches or 118 – 161 inches (2.60 – 3.50 m or 3.00 – 4.10 m)*


  • Adjustable ground clearance 63 – 79 inches (1.60 – 2.00 m) – mechanical or hydraulical

Intelligent and powerful Drive

  • Infinitely variable, hydrostatic single wheel drive
  • Intelligent all-wheel drive: dynamically distributed drive torque – powerful and efficient
  • Selective traction control for every tyre
  • Due to larger wheel motors at the rear axle and the corresponding higher driving power, the VL easily manages any terrain
  • Easy driving thanks to automotive driving control
  • Fuel-saving and efficient
  • Powerful drive

Large tyres – optimised ground pressure

  • Large tyres with up to 86 inches (2.18 m) diameter and 30 inches (75 cm) width
  • Maximum contact area
  • Optimum traction even in difficult conditions

* with 380 tyres (track depends on tyres and gear unit)

Simple and comfortable operation

  • Automatic GPS-controlled SectionControl
  • ErgoControl lever with integrated buttons to control the most important spraying functions – easy handling, perfectly adapted to the driver and the necessary functions
  • ISOBUS connection for various external terminals


  • The Leeb VL can be equipped with an automatic steering
  • Comfortable operation via the ErgoControl armrest
  • Free interface for different automatic steering systems is available (e. g. Topcon, Trimble, John Deere)

The water system – from simply practical to highly intelligent

  • The heart of the water system is the 260 gal/min (1 000 l/min) centrifugal pump as a spray pump
  • Depending on requirements, the water system can be operated manually or electrically
  • In addition, a cleaning pump can be selected for particularly fast and continuous internal cleaning
  • PowerFill filling pump with 265 gal/min (1 000 l/min) available on request
  • With the CCS Pro equipment, various automatic washing programs are available
  • Induction hopper with 9.3 gal (35 l) or 13.7 gal (52 l) made of stainless steel and additional jet nozzle


Stable boom design with patented suspension concept

  • Torsionally stiff boom suspension in parallelogram – hydraulically spring-loaded and damped
  • The patented suspension with active control of the centre section prevents the machine from plunging when cornering and on headlands
  • Stable design for a smooth boom and a constant target area distance
  • Nozzle protection against mechanical damage and windbreak during spray fan development


  • Automatic BoomControl to maintain an exact, lowest possible working height even at high operational speeds in flat or slightly hilly terrain
  • Safe and stable BoomControl below a target area height of 50 cm
  • Prerequisite for minimum drift
  • Boom is completely decoupled from the vehicle
  • No compromise between damped and freely suspended boom
  • Active adaption of the boom to the terrain due to up to 6 sensors

Pneumatic nozzle control with AutoSelect or PrecisionSpray

  • Nozzle distances of 10 or 20 inches (25 or 50 cm) with pneumatic nozzle switching with various nozzle combinations or PrecisionSpray
  • With AutoSelect, the nozzle profiles and thus the pressure range, nozzle combinations and boom height are automatically and continuously adjusted – high comfort and safety for optimum nozzle management
  • With pneumatic nozzle switching, up to 42 boom sections in individually selectable layout are possible, automatic boom section shut-off with SectionControl
  • PrecisionSpray with pulse width modulation allows for adjusting the application rate at a constant pressure via the pulse width and a compensation in the curve as well as a single nozzle shut-off.


Assumptions for a performance comparison by tank volume

  • Working hours / day (h): 16
  • Boom width (ft): 120
  • Ø application rate: (gal/a): 10
  • Ø working speed (mph): 12
  • Ø setup time, ind. from machine (min): 30

Up to 18 % more work performance is possible for the same duration of use.

Conclusion: 18 % savings in working time and machine costs


Balanced weight distribution 50:50* and large tyre diameter of the Leeb VL guarantee operational reliability and protect from sinking in

  • Even weight distribution
  • Low machine weight
  • Selective traction control
  • State-of-the-art tyre technology:More contact area + less pressure in the tyre
    • less pressure on the ground
    • less sinking in = less fuel consumption and more driving comfort

* Field: 45:55, road: 50:50 (depends on the equipment)



HORSCH Leeb 6.300 VL
Engine FPT (Fiat Powertrain Technologies) N67
Power (kw/HP) 230 / 310
Number of cylinders / cooling 6 / water-cooled / Turbo with intercooling
Cubic capacity (cm³) 6 700
Rated speed (U/min) 2 000
Max. Torque (Nm/torque) 1 160 / 1 400
Control electronic EMR
Tank capacity Diesel / AdBlue gal (l) 120 / 12 gal (450 / 45 l)
Emission standard Stage V
Gearbox type Wheel hub gearbox
Work areas Field / road
Transmission Hydrostatic infinitely variable
Speeds mph (kph) Field: 0–15 (0–25 km/h) with folded boom / 0–20 mph (0–32 km/h) with unfolded boom; Road: 0–31 mph (0–50 km/h); maximum speed possible at 1 500 rpm
All-wheel Permanent, rear axle deactivation in road mode above 18 mph (30 kph)
Suspension Independent, pneumatic suspension with active level control, automatic switching between soft and hard suspension setup when changing between field and road mode
Steering system Hydraulic-electric steering, automatic centering and locking for road travel
Steering modes Front axle steering only (road mode), all-wheel steering (field mode), manual rear axle steering also possible
Hydraulic system
Travel drive pump in.³ (cm³) 22 (350)
Output gal/min (l/min) 85 (320)
Working pressure psi (bar) 2 900 (200)
Drive control
Electronic drive control
Limiting load regulation
Overspeed control
Cruise control functions
Automotive driving via accelerator pedal or drive lever (speed via pedal or joystick; engine speed and hydrostat are regulated automatically)
Tyre widths in. (mm) 15 – 29.5 in. (380 – 750 mm)
Weights and measures
Empty weight lbs (kg) 28 600 – 32 000 lbs (13 000 – 14 500kg) depending on equipment
Max. permissible total weight lbs (kg) up to 44 000 lbs (20 000 kg) depending on equipment
Max. Total weight field lbs (kg) 53 000 lbs (24 000 kg) depending on tyres
Ground clearance in. (mm) 63 in. – optional 79 in. (1 600 – optional 2 000 mm) depending on tyres and position of suspension
Wheelbase in. (mm) 169 in. (4 300 mm)
Track widths in. (mm) 102 – 138 in. / 118 – 161 in. (2 600 – 3 500 mm / 3 000 – 4 100 mm) with 380s tires
Length in. (mm) Approx. 460 in. (11 700 mm) depending on boom variant
Height in. (mm) 157 in. (4 000 mm) depending on boom variant and tires
Total width in. (mm) 120 in. at 102 in. track (3 050 mm at 2 600 mm track); 136 in. at 118 in. track (3 450 at 3 000 mm track);
155 in. at 138 in. track (3 950 at 3 500 mm track); 175 in. at 160 in. track (4 450 (at 4 000 mm track) depending on tires and gearbox
Barrel mountings
Mixture tank nominal capacity gal (l) 1 600 gal (6 000 l)
Mixture tank real capacity gal (l) 1 677 gal (6 350 l)
Fresh water tank gal (l) 200 gal (750 l)
Hand-wash tank gal (l) 4 gal (15 l)
Spraying boom
Working widths ft (m) 100 ft (30 m) and 120 ft (36 m)
Section, min. / max. (pieces) 6 – 42
Working height in. (mm) 11.8 – 110 in. (300 – 2 800 mm) at 63 in (1 600 mm) ground clearance; 31.5 – 126 in. (800 – 3 200 mm) at 79 in. (2 000 mm) ground clearnace depending on tyres
Pump output gal/min (l/min) 260 gal/min (1 000 l/min) filling capacity (depending on filling situation), max. spread rate up to 120 gal/min (450 l/min) depending on nozzle size, spray pressure and pressure filter
Working pressure, max. psi (bar) 116 psi (8 bar)