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HORSCH LLC. Company | History

Foil maize seed drill – The first HORSCH development

The foil maize seed drill is Michael Horsch’s first own development which at that time was designed within the agricultural purchasing and sales company Horsch OHG Landau / Isar.

Start of the sales activities

The first participation in an exhibition in Munich was the kick-off for the sales activities.

Patent seed bar

The seed bar was Michael Horsch’s first patent.

The Seed-Exactor – The second HORSCH machine

The Seed-Exactor allowed for sowing under straw.

Seed drill PD 12

The seed drill PD 12 was the first pneumatic seed drill with more than 10 m working width.

Foundation of the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

At Gut Sitzenhof in Schwandorf (Bavaria) the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH was founded.

The self-propelled seed drill

TerraTrac with Seed-Exactor with 4 m working width.

Entry into the tillage sector

The introduction of the rotary harrow SR 65 marks the beginning of the HORSCH tillage era.

Market launch of the DrillExactor 6

The DrillExactor 6 is another milestone in the HORSCH seed drill sector

The plant protection sprayer PT 150

The first self-propelled HORSCH plant protection spayer

Introduction of the PT 150 pneumatic spreader

A pneumatic fertiliser spreader based on the plant protection sprayer

The auger wagon UW 120 is introduced

With the auger wagon UW 120 HORSCH enters the harvest management sector

First double disc seed drill

The DS/D6 was the first HORSCH seed drill with double disc technology

The K 735 is introduced

This articulated tractor was developed as part of the joint venture with Kirovets in St. Petersburg

HORSCH Trac technology

HORSCH Trac technology reaches its peak with four different variants

Justus-von-Liebig-Award for Michael Horsch

For his visions, his energy and his creativity Michael Horsch is awarded the Justus-von-Liebig Award by the Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel

The AT 200 is introduced

The All-Trac AT 200 is a self-propelled liquid manure tractor 

The new seed drill DS/D3 makes its debut

The DS/D3 is introduced. It is the predecessor of the HORSCH Pronto

Airseeder CO 3 is introduced

The Airseeder CO 3 is the predecessor of today’s Sprinter ST

Jumbo ST 8

The harrow Jumbo ST 8  is launched

Cultivator FG 4.50

The first HORSCH cultivator for all-over mixing

HORSCH FITZ Training Centre is built

The HORSCH FITZ Training Centre is the first agricultural training centre of a crop production manufacturer for farming systems  and product technology

Foundation HORSCH France

HORSCH France is an important component of the internationalisation of the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH

FG 18

The cultivator FG 18 with 18 m working width is the largest cultivator at that time

Foundation HORSCH Anderson

It marks HORSCH’s entry into the US market

Prototype Tiger 6 m

The start of the Tiger family marks the basis of deep tillage without a plough

Breakthrough with the Terrano 4 FX

The Terrano 4 FX is a pioneer in tillage. With the TerraGrip tines the 3-bar universal cultivator sets standards in this market segment for years

Airseeder 18

Seed drill with 18 m working width

Construction of a new production hall in Sitzenhof

A new production hall is built at the company headquarters in Schwandorf thus increasing production capacity considerably

Co-ownership HNG in the Czech Republic

HNG CZECH sro in Hradec Kralove is an agricultural farm and serves as a test farm for several agricultural cultivation methods

Tiger AS

With the intensively and deeply mixing Tiger AS HORSCH launches the alternative to turning tillage

World record Combiseeding

285 t of seed and fertiliser on 571.9 hectare within 24 hours 

Introduction of Pronto DC

The new disc seed drill technology and the Pronto principle: cultivating, consolidating, sowing and pressing in one pass

Cooperation with Agro Soyuz

The machines for Russia and Ukraine are produced in cooperation with our former partner Agro Soyuz

Focus CS

With the Focus CS the StripTill system was born

Entry into single grain sowing

The Maistro RC is the first HORSCH single grain seed drill to be produced

Prototype Leeb PT 230

The Leeb PT 230, a new self-propelled sprayer for the plant protection sector, is developed

Introduction of the Sprinter ST

The Airseeder is revised fundamentally and the name is changed to Sprinter 

The PPF system finds its way into the Pronto seed drills

The Pronto DC PPF (Precision Placement of Fertiliser) can sow and fertilise in one single pass

Market launch of the first HORSCH disc harrow

The Joker CT marks HORSCH’s entry into the disc harrow segment

New production site Ronneburg, Thuringia

The new production site increases production capacities considerably

New site in Russia

Together with our partner ROPA we build a joint site in Russia

Foundation of the HORSCH Foundation

The foundation of the HORSCH Foundation is logical consequence of the considerable social commitment of the Horsch family

HORSCH is awarded the prize Bavaria‘s Best 50

The Bavarian state government gives this prize to the fastest growing companies in the Free State of Bavaria. HORSCH received the award again in 2009 and 2013.

Market launch Focus TD

HORSCH is again the leading innovator. The Focus TD combines strip tillage with sowing

HORSCH is awarded with German economic prize for medium-sized companies

HORSCH Maschinen GmbH is awarded with one of the most coveted German economic prizes for medium-sized companies

HORSCH LEEB Application Systems

With the HORSCH LEEB Application Systems GmbH located in Landau/Isar HORSCH again is working on the highest level in plant protection.

Introduction Maestro

With the Maestro HORSCH enters the market segment of single grain technology. In the same year the machine is awarded the prize Machine of the Year 2012.

New logistic centre in Schwandorf

In Schwandorf the state-of-the-art logistic centre is opened

Acquisition of Agrovation in Knezmost, CZ

The farm AgroVation in Knezmost is purchased and is on its way to become one of the largest and state-of-the-art agricultural farms for CTF (Controlled Traffic Farming).

Investment in training

There are large investment at all HORSCH sites with regard to apprenticeship and training possibilities 

New building ACI

The new research and development centre ACI is opened in Schwandorf

World record precision single grain sowing

Within 24 hours a total area of 448.29 hectare has been sown and fertilised simultaneously with a Maestro 24.70 SW and a CLAAS Xerion. 

Milestones of Agricultural Engineering

For its pioneer work and for the innovations in the sector of farming without a plough HORSCH is awarded the prize Milestones of Agricultural Engineering


Also in marketing HORSCH sets standards and is awarded the Agricultural Marketing Prize.

Machine of the year 2014

For all sprayers with BoomControl Pro HORSCH is awarded the prize Machine of the Year

Two DLG silver medals

For the singling of corn and for the boom control system BoomControl Pro HORSCH is awarded with two DLG silver medals

Top image for HORSCH

With more than 80 points in the DLG image barometer HORSCH achieves the best result in the company’s history 

Expansion of the Ronneburg site

HORSCH doubles its production capacity in Ronneburg

The source of success

Highly qualified and highly motivated employees are the source of our success. By now the HORSCH Maschinen GmbH employs more than 1,000 people worldwide. Without their commitment our success story would not have been possible.