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The future machines think actively and HORSCH Intelligence makes it possible. With intelligent software and electronic solutions HORSCH seed drills work even more efficiently and help you to save both money and increase confidence.

HORSCH seed drills are always equipped with the ISOBUS standard. This does not only mean that every HORSCH machine can be controlled with any ISOBUS terminal. Additionally, SectionControl, VariableRate as well as the TaskController for data processing is a standard equipment for every HORSCH seed drill.


ISOBUS VariableRate allows for a site-specific application of seed and fertilizer. Thus, with an appropriate application card for every  section within a field the optimum quantity of fertilizer and seed can be applied. 

When using a HORSCH Touch 800 / 1200 terminals you can additionally use the MultiControl function. This function allows for independently varying the amount of fertilizer and seed. Without MultiControl the application rate of either fertilizer or seed can be varied.

Advantages of VariableRate

  • Savings of seed and fertilizer as only the necessary quantity is applied.
  • Consistent emergence due to optimum number of seeds per acre.
  • Different application rates are documented automatically.
  • The optimum application rate is automatically used on the fields.


Maestro Row Crop Planting ISOBUS implement control

Monitor information and functions include:

  • Skips Percentage
  • Doubles Percentage
  • Bar Chart for Skips/Doubles per row
  • Seed Spacing Quality 
  • VC Quality 
  • Population 
  • Low - High Population Thresholds
  • Seed Spacing Quality 
  • Standard Deviation
  • Split Screen
  • Individual Row Information
  • Resettable Acre Counter
  • Vacuum Pressure 
  • Vacuum Fan / SOD Fan Rpm
  • Auto Down Force Info
  • Downforce Information 
  • Manual Swath Control 
  • Row by row diagnostics
  • Folding / Unfolding
  • Ride Quality


HORSCH Seeding ISOBUS implement control 

Monitor information and functions include:


  • Application rate per product       
  • Sectional control information
  • Opener down pressure information
  • Seed hose blockage
  • Product calibrations
  • Bin level 
  • Fan speed
  • Folding / Unfolding 

Horizon Depth Control

Designed for ease of operation, the Horizon Depth Control System provides operators with a simple, app-based platform for efficiently controlling performance of tillage implements. The Horizon app installed on a tablet / device allows wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for specialized harnesses on the tractor. An on-board computer is connected to sensors and the implement hydraulic system. When connected, the Horizon app is used to adjust working depth plus provide feedback on speed, acres/hour, and other implement data. The app-based system is easily updated with future software enhancements and changes through internet connection.  

Advantages of Horizon Depth Control

  • Accurately, consistently and simply change depth and level from inside the cab.
  • Garmin GPS puck tracks resettable and lifetime acres and machine hours. 
  • Simple calibration of machine before use.  
  • Currently available option on Joker RX models.
  • Adjust caster wheel height, hitch height, and target depth in increments of 1/4 inch. 
  • View machine wing pressure guage on monitor.  


ISOBUS SectionControl allows for switching off individual sections automatically via GPS. The current position is determined, thus at field boundaries, on the headlands, in case of overlaps or in predefined areas individual sections (half-widths, individual row switch-off) or the whole working width is shut-off automatically.

When using a HORSCH Touch 800 / 1200 Terminal you can additionally use the MultiControl function. This function independently switches on and off the application of fertilizer and seed. Without MultiControl either fertilizer or seed can be switched on and off at the right time.


The ISOBUS TaskController transfers data from the PC to the terminal in an uncomplicated way. It is also possible to transfer application rates, seeded area and other data that were recorded while seeding from the terminal to the PC. This facilitates the administration of the acreage index. Via the integrated order management system orders can be created and executed.

Advantages of the TaskController:

  • Uncomplicated data exchange
  • Automatic documentation
  • Structured working due to data management
  • Simple administration of the acreage index