Avatar 60M
Avatar 60M
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Avatar 60 MD

HORSCH LLC. Products Seeding Disk type seeders | Avatar 60 MD

The all new chassis and configuration of Avatar 60 MD raises the bar for integral fill single disk drills market, being the first with multiple product capacities with a 60 foot working width. A completely revolutionary concept, the Avatar 60M combines an agile three-tank design, the most precise volumetric metering and distribution system on the market, a complete agronomic based platform for precise seed placement, and the lowest maintenance opener system on the market. In fact, maintenance of the unit consists of only a handful of service points. Close attention to detail has been placed on every aspect of the design. Three individual tanks split (150-150-55) for a total of 355 bushel each have their own scale system. Integrated weight transfer system stabilizes the toolbar which ensures precise opener performance. Single rank toolbar gives easy access for adjustments and convenient access for calibrations. The Avatar 60 MD takes a complete common-sense approach to incorporate basic agronomic principals for securing maximum yield potentials. Put the power of Avatar to work in your row crop, cereal grain, oil seed, or cover crop operations today.



A seeding concept that is capable of many different tasks is an asset in any farming operation. First off, the Avatar 60 MD chassis is uniquely designed to incorporate two independent
tanks and metering systems. Use this configuration at total capacity of 355 bushels split (150-150-55). Whether seeding wheat with a granular starter fertilizer, splitting up cover crop
seed for more precise metering, or variable planting two varieties of soybeans as dual-hybrid, having two tanks on an integral single disc drill opens many opportunities to maximize the
planting/seeding window. Configured on a 10 inch row spacing, a simple distribution tower insert quickly converts the unit to 20 inch row spacing. Large diameter chassis tires give
extra floatation in soft field conditions. And with a single row of openers the “stepping” affect is eliminated, creating opportunity for faster seeding speeds pending field conditions.

Advantages of Avatar 60 MD

  • Full concept integral fill single disc drill system that defines seeding precision and maximizing eciency during planting/seeding season.
  • Dual product capacity at 355 bushels allows versatility when seeding different crops or including fertilizer with seed in the furrow.
  • Industry leading calibration and rate accuracy with globally proven electric drive metering system.
  • Simple conversion between crops and smooth single point cleanout.
  • Standard weight transfer system stabilizes toolbar which stabilizes opener units for precise soil engagement.
  • Weight transfer system takes weight of the cart and distributes it to the toolbar and aids in elimination of wheel tracks.
  • Openers feature rubber torsion mount design, eliminating pin and bushing maintenance time and costs.
  • 6 degree opener blade angle with a pitch of 3 degrees offers compound angle of engagement with lower draft requirements and easier furrow closure.
  • Largest disc bearings in the industry designed specifically for single disc applications.
  • Openers feature seed locking wheel for uniform seed embedment in furrow.
  • 550 pounds of available opener down pressure.

Simplistic Operation

The heart of the Avatar design comes from a keep it simple, minimum maintenance mindset. Full implement operation is done through an ISOBUS control system. Use ISO virtual terminals to control the unit, fold/unfold, for calibration, and for precision farming applications. Simple and ultra-accurate product calibrations are easily accomplished with the flip of a switch. Openers use an exclusive rubber torsion mount design, eliminating pivot pins, bushings, and grease points. In fact, lubrication of the unit consists of a handful of grease points. All opener adjustments can be made from the rear of the unit, setting the toolbar at desired height for adjustments.