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The soil tillage solutions from HORSCH help you to achieve your individual requirements and goals in arable farming in the best possible way, just as with the Seeding Technology. During the 30-year-old company tradition HORSCH – like no other manufacturer – contributed to the breakthrough of tillage without a plough. In 2013, these efforts were awarded with the “Milestone of Agricultural Engineering“ award. A lot of products, e.g. the Terrano, and Joker models and last but not least the universal seed drill Pronto DC, allow for farming without a plough on the highest level. According to the Federal Statistical Office by now 40 per cent of the arable land is cultivated without a plough. For wheat it amounts to even 60 per cent. 20 years ago no-one dared to believe that. HORSCH played an important part in getting this far. With this background other milestones in agricultural engineering will be developed.

The agricultural origin makes HORSCH and its products in cultivation tillage and planting operations your optimal solution. All machines can be perfectly adapted to your requirements (soil, climate, company sizes...).

The following product groups are available for the North American market: