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Joker RX

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Joker RX

Since HORSCH introduced the first high speed compact disc concept to North America, the Joker Series has become a necessary tool on many farms throughout the continent. Whether working in no-till, minimum-till, or conventional till farming practices, the Joker adds time-efficiency within the optimum agronomic work windows for residue management and precise seedbed preparation. Its proven advantages over vertical tillage, tandem disc, field cultivators, and other shallow tillage concepts has revolutionized the North American tillage market. The Joker RX is a brand new Joker platform which enhances performance while maintaining superior working action and tillage quality. When coming up with this concept, we wanted to increase throughput for variable field conditions while providing versatility and agility with a vertical tillage conversion.

Being the pioneer and designing the first high speed compact disk in north America comes with responsibility to continue advancing and holding the highest rank. We have started this in 2008, and have advanced that platform into the best yet, 4th generation of Joker - Joker RX. Watch to learn more!

RollFlex has evolved into the new RingFlex system. Same finishing and working quality of RollFlex with enhanced performance in variable field conditions. New frame design utilizes pivot pins instead of poly bushings for easier servicing.

  • 14% more distance between front and rear row of discs vs previous RT model
  • New mono arm design is 66% longer for added through-put than previous RT model.

Uniformity and Consistency

Blade angle and mounting design ensures consistent soil engagement and provides uniform working action across the machine. Consistent thorough horizontal fracture creates uniform soil structure, level working horizon, and provides uniform mixing of sized residue and soil, all foundations of an optimum seedbed. Uniform soil working action maximizes efficacy of pre-emerge herbicides, thorough incorporation of granular fertilizers and manure while providing optimum seedbed
soil structure.

Residue Utilization

Maximize the agronomic benefits of post-harvest residue by promoting accelerated decomposition. Intense residue sizing provides more “open doors” for soil bacteria and fungi to initialize the residue decomposition process. Unlock the nutrient and organic matter values remaining in post-harvest residues to benefit the nutritional needs of future crops. Promote healthy crop environment by rapidly decomposing residue that harbor pathogens and dangerous pests.

Soil Consolidation

Unique technique used during soil preparation that creates optimum seedbed environment. Consolidation promotes capillary affect in the soil, which uniformly draws and maintains moisture in the seedbed and seed zone. Uniform moisture in the seed zone ensures rapid seedling germination and uniform emergence, which are two key principals to establishing maximum yield potentials. Joker RX creates a consistent, firm soil structure across the working width of the machine which optimizes seed placement performance of planters and seeders. It provides optimum soil to residue contact, which aids in accelerating residue decomposition.

Joker RX versus traditional vertical tillage

(L) Vertical Tillage vs. (R) Joker RX. The Joker RX incorporates and promotes decomposition for release of valuable plant nutrients vs. loss to wind and water while providing a perfect working horizon across working width of machine.

Joker RX versus traditional vertical tillage concept:

  • The Joker provides more aggressive residue sizing and thorough mixing of residue within the soil, creating an aerobic environment suited for residue decomposition.
  • The Joker sizes and mixes residue thoroughly in consolidated soil to help it decompose more rapidly. This releases N-P-K and micronutrients, and increases organic matter levels for future cropping.
  • The sized and mixed residue within the consolidated soil is stable with less chance of movement by nature (wind and water). In contrast, vertical tillage systems generally leave the nutrient-rich residue on the surface to blow away.

Joker RX versus traditional tandem/offset disk:

  • The Joker provides a much smoother field finish, compared to the ridges, lumps, slabbing, and uneven depth of traditional disks.
  • With the Joker, there is no need for multiple passes to “clean up the mess” of a rough, uneven field.
  • Higher tillage speeds and more action in one pass allows the Joker to be overall more efficient without sacrificing tillage quality.


The Joker RX Series high-speed compact disc makes an ideal precision tool for both primary tillage and secondary tillage. Since it’s pioneering of the high-speed compact disc in the North American market, the Joker has proven to be not only a very versatile tool in many cropping situations but also necessary tool when working in adverse conditions.

Advantages in Primary Tillage Applications

  • Recondition and level fields after harvest as a first step to next seasons seedbed.
  • Excellent for sizing, incorporating, and mulching post-harvest residues to kick-start decomposition.
  • Effectively secures residue to prevent losses due to wind.
  • Sustainable post-harvest weed control.
  • Proven for use in terminating a wide variety of cover crops.
  • Leveling action helps with field conditioning by eliminating of ruts, clumps, furrows, ridges, raised beds, and conditions after root crop harvesting.
  • Depth is gauged by the RollFlex finishing system, providing full-width depth control for precise tillage.

Advantages in Secondary Tillage / Seedbed Preparation Applications

  • Creates ideal seedbed for higher speed planting and seeding.
  • Creates uniform soil structure and density that enhances seed placement performance of seeders and planters.
  • Ideal complementary concept for single pass seedbed preparation following disc rippers, moldboard plows, chisel plows, or sub-soilers.
  • Provides additional residue sizing / incorporation to promote accelerated decomposition, unlocking nutrient value of residue for future crop growth.
  • Thoroughly incorporates spread granular fertilizer and enhances the efficacy of pre-emerge herbicide applications.
  • Sustainably control early season weed pressures through thorough horizontal tillage.
  • Firms and secures soil through consolidation to prevent wind erosion.


HORSCH Joker RXRX20RX25RX30RX35 (3 Section)RX35 (5 Section)RX40
Machine Width24 ft 6 in28 ft 6 in33 ft 6 in38 ft 9 in38 ft 4 in44 ft
Working Width20 ft 10 in25 ft 10 in30 ft 10 in35 ft 10 in35 ft 10 in40 ft 10 in
Transport Width13 ft 7 in13 ft 7 in18 ft 7 in20 ft 3 in18 ft15 ft 9 in
Transport Height11 ft 11 in14 ft 1 in14 ft 2 in15 ft 11 in13 ft 10 in13 ft 7 in
Weight15,000 lb17,500 lb21,000 lb24,000 lb25,000 lb31,800 lb
Tongue Load4,825 lb5,625 lb6,750 lb7,800 lb8,200 lb11,400 lb
Axle Load10,175 lb11,875 lb14,250 lb16,200 lb16,800 lb20,400 lb
Number of Discs506274868698
HitchingDraw Bar CAT IV /
Optional CAT V
Draw Bar CAT IV /
Optional CAT V
Draw Bar CAT IV /
Optional CAT V
Draw Bar CAT IV /
Optional CAT V
Draw Bar CAT IV /
Optional CAT V
Draw Bar CAT IV /
Optional CAT V
Power Requirements230-300 hp275-375 hp350-450 hp400-530 hp400-530 hp500+ hp
Finishing SystemRingFlex/OptiRollRingFlex/OptiRollRingFlex/OptiRollRingFlex/OptiRollRingFlex/OptiRollRingFlex/OptiRoll
Wireless Cab-Based Depth ControlOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional


New Generation Blade Arm Design

  • New mono arm design is 66% longer for added through-put than previous RT model.
  • Maintains consistent engagement angle of blade during tillage operation for uniform working horizon.
  • Torsion clamp concept utilizes specialized components and design to ensure consistent blade angle engagement.
  • Enhanced through-put with mono-arm design increases performance in variable field conditions.
  • Ability to convert blade styles pending desired tillage quality.

17/17 Degree Blade Angle on MonoArm

  • 14% more distance between front and rear row of discs than previous RT model.
  • Proven configuration for uniform and consistent tillage performance.
  • Ensures equilibrium draft for centered setting of machine during tillage operation.
  • Uniform soil/residue mixing across working width which aides in accelerated decomposition and ensures thorough incorporation of pre-emerge herbicides and fertilizers.
  • Key feature to ensure uniform working horizon for superior seedbed preparation, weed control, root mass management, homogenous soil
  • structure, and consistent tillage depth.

Blade Selection

  • Notched 20” concave blade
  • Vortex concave coulter for vertical tillage working action.

Depth Control

  • All units using manual depth adjustment as standard equipment.
  • TouchDepth uses app based technology and easily installs on manual depth configured units.
  • Simultaneous use of manual depth control on Touch- Depth installed units if needed.

RingFlex Finishing System

  • Provides superior through-put and soil conditioning for ideal seedbed structure and field finish.
  • Promotes uniform and rapid seed germination through proven soil consolidation method.
  • Convertible for working in variable field conditions while still providing field finishing.
  • Proven reliability in stone conditions.

OptiRoll Finishing System

  • Creates a firmed and uniform soil structure.
  • Promotes uniform and rapid seed germination through proven soil consolidation method.
  • Optimum performance in variable soil conditions including different soil types, residue, and stones.
  • Unique design incorporates a poly-based center with rubber ribs and precision scraper, combined provide superior cleaning in high moisture soil conditions.

OptiRoll Packer Option

Dual compound design composed of poly center core with rubber rings. This design allows for easier release and cleaning of material. Cleats for traction keep it rolling. Prevents sliding while keeping scrapers active. Perpendicular cleaning features 90 deg cleaning scraper which is a straight edge on core and edges.

The Vortex Blade Option

Like the notched blade it still provides thorough horizontal fracture in surface to 4-5” depth applications. Provides superior working action even in depths of 1-2“. Along with its 4” wavy with notch and cutting edge, the b;ade still has a concave design for desireable soil movement. Having both front and rear gang angles at 17 degree angles provides full coverage of profile.