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Row Equipment


In addition to a precise placement of the seeds the exact positioning of fertilizers or seed protection agents is very important for single grain planting.

The rows of the Maestros, thus, can be equipped with different components to provide an optimum solution for all requirements and demands.

SingleDisc fertiliser coulter

The SingleDisc fertilizer coulter is suspended independently of the seed row. The placement depth can be set to a traditional 2 x 2 position. The coulter pressure can be adapted quickly and without any tools to the prevailing soil conditions to guarantee a smooth running and a constant depth placement of the fertilizer. The fertilizer coulter can be deactivated by lifting.

Application of liquid fertilizer

Maestro SV features in-furrow placement of liquid starter fertilizer. Fertilizer is place just underneath the seed. With the liquid fertilizer system there is also a 6-section valve configuration for section control. The liquid system is calibrated and rate is controlled through the planter monitor.