Precise seed placement with combination seeder technology by HORSCH Pronto DC
Precise seed placement with combination seeder technology

Pronto DC

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Proven in cropping systems around the globe, Pronto DC pioneered and continues to set the standard for combination seeder technology. No other seeding concept can prepare a thorough uniform seedbed soil structure, properly consolidate soil for holding moisture in the seed zone to promote rapid germination and uniform crop emergence, while precisely placing seed in an optimum seedbed environment that sets the stage for maximum potential yield. All of this while seeding at higher speeds and with greater efficiency in seeded acres per day versus other concepts. Pronto DC prepares a superior seedbed while sustainably controlling early weeds growth, accelerating residue decomposition to unlock nutrients and eliminate host areas for pathogens, incorporates spread fertilizer, along with field leveling. The working action of Pronto DC secures soil integrity while providing the ultimate environment for maximum yield potentials.             

Advantages of Pronto DC

  • Globally proven combination seeder concept.
  • Unique design with a one pass three stage approach: uniform seedbed preparation, soil consolidation, seed placement. 
  • Disc tillage system creates optimum seedbed, uniform soil structure, incorporates spread fertilizer, kills early weeds, sizes residues, and creates an aerobic seed environment across full working width of unit.
  • Promotes uniform seedbed temperature in spring seeded crops. 
  • Tire consolidation system firms tilled soil, enhancing capillary effect that draws in and holds moisture in the seed zone, promoting rapid germination and uniform emergence.
  • Globally proven TurboDisc double disc opener system is designed for precise seed placement. 
  • Consolidation creates uniform soil structure that enhances performance of the TurboDisc opener.
  • Simple yet robust design of the TurboDisc maintains consistent soil engagement, placing seed precisely at desired depth.
  • Combination seeder concept capable of high seeding speeds pending field conditions. 
  • Double shoot system option available for spreading fertilizer in front of tillage discs. 
  • Simple depth setting of TurboDisc and disc tillage system. 
  • Simplified maintenance with few service points. 
  • Use with tow-between HORSCH air carts.


Working Width39 ft 4 in
Transport Width19 ft
Transport Height15 ft 1 in
Length26 ft
Weight38,000 lb
Number of Openers64
Opener Pressure5 ‐ 265 lb
Seed Openers / Press Wheels13.38 in / 12.60 in
Row Spacing7.38 in
Tire Packer Size7.50-18
Operating Speed6‐12 mph
Power Demand450 ‐ 600 hp
Oil Quantity, Hydr. Fan20 gal/min
Road Lighting EquipmentStandard

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