Residue Utilization – Uniformity and Consistency – Versatile Primary Tillage

Joker HD

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The Joker HD primary tillage concept provides deep soil loosening to break up compaction, aggressive residue sizing and mixing to accelerate decomposition, and uniform consolidated soil structure. Obtain thorough horizontal fracture up to 10 inches of working depth while creating an optimum environment for future seedbed preparation. Simple yet rugged in design, the Joker HD concept features maintenance free bearings on both blades and a finishing system along with rubber torsion mounted blade arms to cushion abrupt impacts from foreign objects. Symmetrical blade configuration ensures superior engagement and trailing quality during tillage operations.

Residue Utilization

Maximize the agronomic benefits of post-harvest residue by promoting accelerated decomposition. Intense residue sizing provides more “open doors” for soil bacteria and fungi to initialize the residue decomposition process. Unlock the nutrient and organic matter values remaining in post-harvest residues to benefit the nutrienial needs of future crops. Promote healthly crop environment by rapidly decomposing residue that harbor pathogens and dangerous pests.

Uniformity and Consistency

Blade angle and mounting design ensures consistent engagement and provides uniform working action during primary tillage. Thorough horizontal fracture to the working depth insure uniform soil structure through the working horizon zone. Deep loosening of compacted soil along with residue sizing and mixing sets the stage for next years optimum seedbed. RollFlex finishing system breaks clods and clumps, creating a level soil surface. RollFlex finishing system consolidates worked soil which creates a capillary action and enhances decomposition of residue.

Advantages of Joker HD

  • Primary tillage concept focused on horizontal fracture, uniform soil structure, residue utilization, and is the first step to seedbed preparation.
  • Rubber mounted torsion disc arms are maintenance free and allow blades to float over foreign field objects to prevent damage.
  • Rugged 24” notched blades set on a 22 degree angle with a 10 degree blade lay-over angle insure thorough horizontal fracture of the tillage zone while intensively mixing soil and residue.
  • Aggressive residue sizing and thorough mixing of soil to promote accelerated residue decomposition.
  • Secures valuable residues from being lost by wind and water erosion.
  • Superior performance for incorporating fertilizer, weed kill, and field conditioning.
  • Features maximum working depth of 10“ for breaking up soil compaction.
  • RollFlex finishing system breaks up clumps and creates uniform soil structure while leveling soil for field conditioning.
  • Concept design for maximizing soil/residue throughput while insuring consistent tillage performance.
  • Used for primary tillage with deep soil loosening and mixing characteristics.


Machine Width24 ft 5 in33 ft 4 in
Working Width20 ft30 ft
Transport Width13 ft 7 in17 ft 4 in (Lights 19 ft)
Transport Height13 ft14 ft 10 in
Weight16,500 lb24,000 lb
Number of Discs3450
HitchingDraw Bar CAT IV/Optional Cat VDraw Bar CAT IV/Optional Cat V
Power Requirements400 hp500 hp
Finishing System5-Tongue Roll-Flex5-Tongue Roll-Flex
Disc Diameter24 in24 in
Disc Thickness0.25 in0.25 in
Blade Angle22 Degree22 Degree
Blade Lay-Over Angle10 Degree10 Degree
Blade Spacing14 in14 in
Blade ConfigurationSymmetricalSymmetrical