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The Pronto 6 AS allows for using the seed wagon with front tools in combination with the TurboDisc-tyre packer combination or the Maestro RV.
If the TurboDisc coulter attachment is used for row seeding, high operational speeds up to 20 km/h and thus high hectare outputs are possible. The well-proven Pronto principle seedbed preparation, consolidation and seeding guarantees highest precision in seed placement and safe and high emergence.
The Pronto 6 AS can be combined with a Maestro RV for sowing row crops (e.g. maize and beets). The singulation system of the Maestro guarantees that the crops is sown with the single-grain system and that the seed wagon of the Pronto 6 AS can be used for fertiliser. The preliminary disc harrow for seedbed preparation and for the levelling of the tractor tracks is an additional asset.
The changeover between the TurboDisc coulter attachment and the Maestro RV can be carried out easily and quickly via the integrated 3-point interface of the Pronto 6 AS.
The Pronto 6 AS can be equipped with a large single hopper (3 500 l) for a long range. A double hopper (5 000 l) for placing seed and fertiliser is available as an option. The fertiliser can either be placed together with the seed (G & F) or as a separate underground fertilisation (PPF) beside the row.
The chassis of the Pronto 6 AS is equipped with a separate axle. All turning manoeuvres and road transports are carried out on large tyres (800 / 45 – 26.5).
In working position the tyres in connection with the TurboDisctyre packer combination are lifted completely so that the targeted consolidation is carried out by the tyre packer. If the Maestro RV is used, the transport wheels reliably carry the weight of the seed wagon. Die Pronto 6 AS particularly shows its advantages on contracting farms and farms with large distances between the fields.

Pronto 6 AS

  • Safe emergence due to perfect embedding of the seed
  • Maximum utilisation of the ideal sowing time due to top hectare output and operational speeds of up to 20 km/h
  • Simpler, safer, faster – this motto is true for the whole adjustment process
  • Versatile and flexible use: different hopper systems for up to three individual components
  • Fertilisation to the point: PPF or G & F fertilisation systems
  • Maximum flexibility due to exchangeable coulter bar
  • Transport axle for long distances between the fields


Working width (m)6.00
Transport width (m)2.95
Transport height (m)4.00
Length (m)9.50 (till end of the coulter) / 10.50 (incl. bout marker)
Axle load (kg)*7 800 / 9 300
Vertical load (kg)*350 / 1 400
Seed hopper capacity (l)3 500
Capacity double hopper (I)5 000 (40 : 60)
Hopper capacity micro-granular unit (l)250
Dimension feed opening (m)1.00 x 2.40 (single hopper) / per 0.66 x 2.45 (double hopper)
Filling height single hopper (m)2.70
Filling height double hopper (m)2.95
Number of seed coulters / PPF coulters40 / 20
Coulter pressure seed coulters / PPF coulters (kg)5 – 120 / up to max. 200
Seed coulters / press wheels Ø (cm)34 / 32
Row spacing (cm)15
Tyres seed waggon800 / 45 – 26.5 / 12 TR
Tyre packerØ 78 cm – 7.50 / 16 AS
Working speed (km/h)10 – 20
Power demand (kW/hp)130 – 185 / 180 – 250
Double-acting control devices3 (resp. +1 for filling auger, coulter pressure adjustment, Crossbar)
Depressurized return flow (max. 5 bar)1
Oil quantity hydr. fan (l/min)20 – 25 (single hopper); 35 – 45 (double hopper)
Oil quantity hydr. fan vacuum Maestro RC (l/min)25
Linkage seed 3-point linkage3-point Cat. II / III
Lower link linkageCat. II / III – III – III / IV
Adj. draw linkageBolt Ø 40 –  50 mm
Ball-type linkageK 80

* Weight of the machines unloaded with minimum / maximum equipment


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