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Tiger MT

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Tiger MT has distinguished itself as the ultimate soil working machine in high residues. It offers a 4 bar frame style with 2 bars being a heavy disk system which ensures relable cutting and incorporation of residues, and
the other two bars being the TerraGrip III shanks for deep loosening of soil and additional mixing action. This machine follows that up with a single row leveling disk system and a large 24 inch wheeled packer for effective
seedbed preparation in all soil types.

Advantages of Tiger MT

• Reliable cultivation of fields especially in the longest and heaviest residues.
• Primary cultivation of high residue cropland along with pastures and set aside land.
• Deep loosening of soil up to 14 inches of working depth.
• Intensive crumbling of heavy soils.
• Working depth of disc harrow and tines can be adjusted independently.



HORSCH Tiger 3 MT 4 MT 5 MT 6 MT 8 MT
Working width9 ft 10 in13 ft 1 in16 ft 4 in19 ft 7 in26 ft 4 in
Transport width9 ft 10 in9 ft 10 in9 ft 10 in9 ft 10 in9 ft 10 in
Transport height7 ft 9 in9 ft 6 in10 ft 4 in11 ft 10 in13 ft 7 in
Base Weight 9,292 lb14,495 lb16,369 lb18,562 lb22,883 lb
Number of Shanks 79111317
Shank Spacing 16 in18 in18 in18 in18 in
Shank spacing in row34 in37 in36 in38 in35 in
Power Requirements 200-300 HP300-370 HP300-400 HP475-550 HP550-600 HP
Frame Height33 in33 in33 in33 in33 in


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