Press wheels

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Press wheels

for a better embedding of the seeds

Which press wheel is suitable for which use?
Finger and spike press wheel

  • The finger press wheel is ideal for heavy and medium soils
  • Spike press wheel for medium to light sites
  • There is one finger / spike wheel and one standard wheel per row to control the depth and to avoid moving the seeds.
  • However, the wheels are not suitable for shallow sowing.
  • If the furrow wall gets compacted because of the DoubleDisc seed coulters, it is broken by the finger / spike wheel – the furrow is removed.
  • Seed furrow is not opened after planting under dry conditions, especially on heavy clayey sites
  • Development of the corn root is encouraged

Rubber and profiled press wheel

  • The rubber closing wheels are ideal for light sandy sites
  • The profiled rolls are recommended for fine seeds
  • The profile creates additional fine soil and can better prevent silting.