AirVac Metering System

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AirVAC Metering System

The new technlogy incorporated onto the Maestro SV includes a center driven direct shaft electric motor. This metering system is very simple in design with only one adjustment and needs no tools to switch between crops. It includes an external seed gate adjustment for controlling seed flow to the disc, and an easy disc clearance adjustment without the use of shims. The newly designed AirVAC meter includes on one side an access door to view seed on the disk, and the other side a quick latch door to remove the access disk. An Express wheel is used for seed cell cleanout to ensure precise singulation and like the rest of the meter is easily changed for a variety of crops.  In addition to the new meter design, we have also incorporated a new seed tube design which with its wide body, narrow width design gives more room for seed to accurately flow downwards without interaction with the sides. Reduction of the angle of release and concentrating the exit opening design aims seed more accurately into the furrow. All of these features together make for a very user friendly and extremely accurate platform.

AirVAC Metering System - Advantages

  • Easy conversion between crop types with only discs / internal components to change which require no tools.
  • Wide range of crops planted with a wide variety of discs and accommodating larger seed hopper. 
  • Precise singulation without adjustment.
  • Only one mechanical adjustment – seed gate which is external. 
  • Poly-carbon discs eliminate static issues.