Versatility for seeding and fertilizing during tillage applications


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Partner FT/HT

With its 45 bushel capacity, the Partner FT is designed for mounting on front 3-point hitch of equipped tractors. The Partner FT is used for a various number of tasks including cover crop seeding and granular product application. The air system carries product to a distribution tower on the rear implement. Electric 12 volt meter drive system is the same unit we have used on many of our other seeders as its accuracy has
been proven for over 25 years.
The mount Partner HT is a double hopper. The total capacity is nearly 80 bushel, partitioned in a ratio of 40 : 60. This allows for metering two different components or one component from both hoppers to make use of the whole capacity.The applications include two different seeds especially if size differs greatly, one kind of fertilizer from both hoppers, seed and fertilizer, or two different kinds of fertilizer. ISOBUS implement control makes Partner FT/HT compatible and very versatile in the field with its endless capabilities.

Additional Features