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RowControl distribution tower

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HORSCH SectionalControl technology is focused on input management along with providing more uniformity and consistency in the crop. By eliminating overlaps, input savings of 10-25+% can be achieved depending on field layout. Crop health and performance is also improved with the lack of overlaps. Lodging, over population, disease pressure, inconsistent maturity, and harvest difficulty are all symptoms of double seeding/fertilizing. When overlaps are eliminated, the crop is more uniform and consistent which dramatically decreases these negative impacts. The HORSCH SectionalControl distribution tower is the heart of overlap management while seeding. With SectionalControl technology, as the seeder enters areas of the field that have already been seeded, the tower begins to shut off sections of rows while at the same time the cart electric drive metering system immediately adjusts application rate to this new working width. By shutting product flow off to these rows, costly overlaps are eliminated.

The distribution tower consists of globally proven air system technology. Seed/fertilizer enter the tower centered in the tube and continue around the bottom radius in the same manner. Seed/fertilizer remain centered in the flow upward towards the distribution manifold, a key dynamic in row-to-row volume output accuracy. As sections shut off via the row valves, air flow is maintained to the opener for thorough cleanout in the hose and creates air balance in the system. This balance maintains superior row-to-row volume accuracy even when sections of the tower shut off.