Precise population control in all directions

Curve Compensation

HORSCH LLC. Products Intelligence | Curve Compensation

Curve compensation technology ensures correct row-to-row population control whenever making turns during planting. Maintain consistent population while making turns around field obstacles or nature field contours is essential for uniform stands and a key to maximum yield potentials. As a planter makes a turn the outer radius rows are under population target, and the inner radius rows are over population target. Being off population target has a direct negative impact on yields. With curve compensation technology, all Maestro row crop planters use radars on each end and center of the tool bar to send speed signals to the implement computer for controlling population rate. When a speed difference is detected between the right, middle and left, curve compensation mode begins adjusting the electric drive meters to match desired population and the speed of each row unit changes in the turn. The inner electric drive meters slow down to maintain target population, as the outer rows speed up to maintain target population. By maintaining target population in turns, the overall seed rate per acre is consistent.