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Cura ST

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Cura ST

In hybrid and mechanical weed control farming there is a need for a harrow, so we have designed one to be stronger, easier to operate, and more precise than the competition. We started with a closed frame construction made of square tubing which guarantees torsional stiffness for the tines while maintaining its lightweight and durability. We then added a spring and tine combination that together make the perfect pair. The double spring allows for a fine blind harrowing, while also being able to conqour working agressively. All of the features together of Cura ST make it a very universal tool and a must have in your equipment lineup. 

Advantages of Cura ST

  • Closed frame construction made of square tubing guarantees excellent torsional stiffness while maintaining lightweight and durability.
  • Flex due to double lifting cylinders for a 90° folding allows for ease of turning due to slightly raised side wings and excellent adaption to hilly terrain due to cylinders being set to float position.
  • Maximum frame height of 1.5 feet allows for harrowing crops at different maturities.
  • Up to eleven support wheels can be used to maintain precise engagement of soil across entire machine.
  • Position of the support wheels at the frame can be adapted to the spacing of the row crops.
  • Folds in five sections to a transport width of 10 feet.
  • Cylinder of the 180° folding is located in a protected position inside the frame (derived from the well-proven frame design of our tillage technology).
  • Working width of 40 feet.

The Spring

  • Spring pressure hydraulically adjustable.
  • Springs are attached above the frame and allow for a gentle harrowing of high populations.
  • The double spring guarantees a wide selection of working pressure which allows for a fine, blind harrowing and also for working aggressively.
  • Constant tine pressure for different tine positions allows for working on the contours, e. g. potato ridges.

The Tine

  • Tine length in the wear area: 5 inches
  • Tines are connected and suspended individually.
  • Laterally stable due to large bearing.
  • 8 mm harrow tine, optionally available in a carbide coated version.
  • The tine position is adjusted via height-adjustable support wheels.
  • Cranked tine for a force transmission in the middle.


Working width (m)12.2
Transport width (m)2.95
Transport height (m)3.6
Length (m)2.7
Bar spacing (mm)200
Tine spacing (cm)28
Weight (kg)2 300
Tyre size support wheels18 / 8.5 – 8
Frame height (mm)450
DA control devices4
3-point (linkage)3-point Cat. III
Horsepower requirement from (kW/hp)90 / 120