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Cruiser XL

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Stubble cultivation, seedbed preparation, mixing in catch crops – these are the main applications of the HORSCH Cruiser XL. Due to its 6-bar design and the tine spacing of 15 cm, it levels perfectly while at the same time the mixing effect is optimum.

The perfect machine for seedbed preparation with a tine spacing of 15 cm and the pre-stressed HORSCH spring tine for an optimum maintenance of the working depth. 

  • Intensive mixing of harvest residues due to 6-bar frame design
  • Stubble cultivation with all-over cutting
  • Excellent levelling
  • Fine soil production in the seedbed

The HORSCH Cruiser XL is the specialist for shallow tillage and stubble cultivation in 5, 6, 7, 10 and 12 m working width. It is ideal for stubble cultivation and straw distribution at a maximum working depth of 15 cm. The narrow tine spacing of 15 cm ensures an optimum mixing and a perfect crumbling on the surface. The wide range of available packers allows for finding the right packer for any requirement.

The specialist for stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation

  • Shallow stubble cultivation at a depth of max. 15 cm
  • Seedbed preparation for following crops or for sowing catch crops in combination with a MiniDrill
  • Keeps the field black after tillage
  • Fights volunteer crops and weeds
  • Levels the field before sowing



Working width5.00 m5.96 m7.49 m
Transport width2.99 m2.99 m2.99 m
Transport height3.30 m3.70 m3.99 m
Length10.21 m10.21 m10.50 m
Axle load4 950 – 6 300 kg5 600 – 7 000 kg6 800 – 8 300 kg
Support weight850 – 1 350 kg850 – 1 500 kg1 200 – 1 900 kg
Tyre size support wheels400 / 60 – 15.5400 / 60 – 15.5400 / 60 – 15.5
Tyre size chassis550 / 45 – 22.5550 / 45 – 22.5445 / 65 – 22.5
Number of tines333949
Tine spacing in one row92 cm92 cm92 cm
Tine spacing (cm)15.3 cm15.3 cm15.3 cm
Maximum working width151515
Frame height600 mm600 mm600 mm
DA control devices2 (+1 hydr. depth adjustment)2 (+1 hydr. depth adjustment)2 (+1 hydr. depth adjustment)
Horsepower requirement from145 – 220 / 200 – 300 kW/hp205 – 295 / 280 – 400 kW/hp290 – 395 / 390 – 530 kW/hp
Adjustable drawbar linkage with ring hitch ball jointØ 42 or 51 mmØ 42 or 51 mmØ 42 or 51 mm
Linkage adjustable drawbar ball hitch couplingK 80 (mm)K 80 (mm)K 80 (mm)
Lower link linkageCat. III / III – III / IV – IV / IVCat. III / III – III / IV – IV / IVCat. III / III – III / IV – IV / IV




Depending on the conditions, the Cruiser can be equipped with different points:

  • Point 5 cm
  • Point 5 cm with carbide
  • Point 8 cm with carbide
  • Wing point 20 cm
  • Wing point 20 cm with carbide

Due to the wide selection of point options, the Cruiser can be used for stubble cultivation as well as for seedbed preparation. Combined with the pre-stressed HORSCH spring tine, it guarantees a precise depth control and an ideal mixing of organic material.

Double RingFlex packer

  • Excellent self-cleaning effect
  • Strip consolidation
  • Can be used in different situations
  • Weight per m working width: 200 kg

Due to the flexible rings, the self-cleaning effect of the RingFlex packer is excellent. Moreover, it produces a lot of fine soil. The high weight of 200 kg/m also guarantees a very good consolidation.

Double RollPack packer

  • Steel ring roller with a diameter of 55 cm
  • Deep strip consolidation
  • Flexible conditions of use
  • Weight per m working width: 130 kg

The double RollPack Packer is ideal for light and medium soils. The large contact area and the excellent consolidation are due to the wide rings and the low packer weight.

RingFlex packer

  • High contact area due to 7 cm wide ring elements
  • Additionally mixes in organic material
  • Can be converted to a winter packer
  • Weight per m working width: 120 kg

The RingFlex packer impresses due to its excellent load-carrying capacity on light and medium soils. Moreover, it guarantees a good consolidation. Depending on the conditions, it can also be used as a winter packer by removing individual rings.

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